Extensia Financial Announces it offers annual loan review consultative services

Provides strategic guidance in preparing and analyzing annual loan reviews for credit unions

NORTHRIDGE, CA (October 11, 2016)Extensia Financial, one of the nation’s largest Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) dedicated to commercial real estate lending and advisory services, announced that it offers annual loan review consultative services to help credit unions with crucial decisions that directly impact their bottom lines.

Credit unions are required to perform annual loan reviews assessing their loan portfolios to ensure that borrowers’ loan-to-value ratios are stable and their financial preparedness to repay is acceptable. Extensia offers services to help prepare and analyze credit unions’ loan portfolios data, while also offering strategic advice related to portfolio risk management and accurate credit reporting.

With the recent updates to the NCUA’s MBL guidance taking effect in January 2017 coupled with a more complex economic environment, information gathered in the annual loan review process can be extremely valuable toward detecting potential issues and can be used as early warning detection tools.   Many credit unions do not take advantage of the data analytics opportunities available through annual loan review reports to understand commercial real estate portfolio risks better. Extensia not only helps credit unions prepare the annual loan review, but also can train and assist credit unions on how to use the data as an intelligence tool. This can help credit unions determine the health of the loan portfolio and adjust for any major industry changes by planning the coming year’s originations, maintain the portfolio’s appropriate risk appetite and accurately interpret changes in credit reporting models.

Extensia’s annual loan review consultative services are only one of the many advisory services the company offers the industry. Extensia also offers general consultative services related to any aspect of commercial loan origination and servicing to develop, improve and maintain a comprehensive commercial real estate lending and risk-management program within the credit union industry.

“Our annual loan review consultative services are so much more than merely preparing a loan portfolio review; we carefully analyze every aspect of portfolios and offer strategic lending advice to help credit unions plan for a successful upcoming year,” said Pam Easley, CEO of Extensia Financial. “Many credit unions can be overwhelmed with this task at the end of the year; Extensia aims to make the process simpler, while presenting valuable information from the data we collect to help them make sound financial decisions and better serve their members.”

About Extensia Financial

Extensia Financial is one of the most seasoned credit union service organizations (CUSO) focused on commercial real estate. Established in 1998, Extensia is a customer service-driven organization connecting credit unions with commercial real estate brokers, commercial mortgage brokers and high- net-worth investors through participation lending. Extensia partners with credit unions to diversify their lending portfolios, expanding credit unions lending programs beyond their communities, mitigating concentration risk while increasing their loan to share ratio. Extensia is actively seeking credit unions wishing to invest in commercial real estate lending opportunities from $2 million to $15 million to present to our investors. The company is headquartered in Northridge, California. To learn more visit or follow Extensia on LinkedIn.


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