FIME launches the next generation of its EMV Level 3 test platform for the US market

Test tool significantly speeds up terminal integration testing and certification for acquirers, processors, merchants, VARs & ISVs across multiple payment brands

SAN JOSE, CA (September 22, 2016) — FIME’s EMV Level 3 test platform Savvi 3.0 – used by acquirers, processors, merchants, VARs and ISVs globally for terminal integration testing – is now available for the U.S. with expanded testing functionality and the most extensive range of international and domestic payment scheme qualifications of any tool on the market.

Savvi 3.0 and FIME consulting services can help the U.S. to address key areas of the current migration to EMV, including:

  • EMV at the ATM. With the first ATM fraud liability shift a few days awayi, ATM owners, banks and credit unions can use Savvi with complex ATM card slots and all other terminal types ‘out of the box’. 
  • Certification backlog. FIME can help to shorten implementation cycles, ensure that terminals will be certified to accept chip payments, and push EMV-enabled products to market quicker.
  • Faster EMV solutions. ‘Quick Chip’ and ‘M/Chip Fast’ testing supported by Savvi accelerates EMV implementations from multiple payment brands and provide guidance for stakeholders interested in implementing these solutions.
  • Contactless EMV and mobile wallet payments. Comprehensive package for terminal system testing covers contactless EMV testing as well contact for pre-certification, regression and certification.   

A key new element of the Savvi 3.0 is the FIME Card Emulator, a pocket-sized portable card emulator and reader that enables card logs to be captured automatically and instantly uploaded to the test platform, which in turn automatically analyzes the results.

“Acquirers and merchants have a lot to consider when it comes to testing and certification,” comments Xavier Giandominici, Vice President, Americas and Financial Services at FIME. “There’s a growing number of payment system specifications that EMV testers must keep up with – Savvi delivers the support for this and automates it. Our EMV consultants report that Savvi 3.0 significantly speeds-up test projects, so acquirers and merchants will now find pre-certification, regression testing and formal approval quicker and easier.”

FIME is an industry-recognized EMV implementation partner. It enables acquirers and merchants to achieve fast and efficient execution of certification projects, whether they are performed in-house or outsourced.  In addition to Savvi Test Platform, FIME’s experts offer a complete project test service, technical consulting for payment system requirements and terminal integration training for developers and testers. Find out more.

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