Financial Partners Credit Union Sponsors ‘Great Balls of Fire’ Exhibit at Columbia Memorial Space Center

Anne Legg, VP of Marketing
Financial Partners Credit Union

Downey, CA – June 26, 2012 – Continuing efforts to give back to its community and to acknowledge its Aerospace industry heritage, Financial Partners Credit Union ($771 million; 50,140 members; Downey, CA) has partnered with the Columbia Memorial Space Center to sponsor the “Great Balls of Fire: Comets, Asteroids, and Meteors” exhibit, which opened June 12 running through September 16, 2012. Financial Partners sponsorship will help bring the “Great Balls of Fire” exhibit to the surrounding Downey communities and Los Angeles county schools that will receive practical, educational experiences from attending this unique program.

The traveling “Great Balls of Fire: Comets, Asteroids, and Meteors” national traveling exhibit was created by the Space Science Institute’s National Center for Interactive Learning, with funding from the National Science Foundation and NASA. The exhibit provides visitors information on comets, asteroids, and meteors with hands-on interactive exhibits and real meteors.

“This exhibit is so interesting, educational, and fun; we had to be a part of it,” says Financial Partners Credit Union President and CEO, Nader Moghaddam. “The aerospace industry is obviously near and dear to our hearts as many companies within this industry are our SEGs. It was a natural fit for us to be a part of this amazing program that enhances our community.”

Financial Partners’ $10,000 sponsorship, which helps fund the program, enables the credit union to have its logo on the space center’s building wrap banner as well as the “Great Balls of Fire” banners that hang throughout the city of Downey, CA. There is also a member event, a VIP event, and Financial Partners is holding its company picnic at this venue, as well.

About Columbia Memorial Space Center
The Columbia Memorial Space Center is a hands-on learning center that is dedicated to bringing the excitement of space science to children of all ages.  Located in Downey, California, it strives to be the most accessible space science center in the Los Angeles area. Its 20,000 square foot visitor center is equipped with not only amazing technology and visual teaching exhibits, but also the friendly staff and atmosphere to help make them more enjoyable.

The Space Center also hosts one of 48 Challenger Learning Centers on the planet, and the only one in the greater Los Angeles area.  When operating, visitors can journey to the Moon and even experience the real-life excitement of Mission Control. For more information, visit

About Financial Partners Credit Union
Based in Downey, Calif., Financial Partners Credit Union is one of Los Angeles area’s largest credit unions with more than $770 million in assets and over 50,000 members. FPCU serves employees and their families within the aviation, aerospace, and healthcare industries in the Los Angeles area, having branches in Brea, Downey, Huntington Beach, Orange, and Woodland Hills. Some of the products/services the credit union provides online banking and bill pay, mortgage and auto loans, financial planning, insurance, business banking, and reloadable debit cards. For more information, visit

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