FIntegrate introduces FusionLRS for legacy data conversions and research

BIRMINGHAM, AL (July 10, 2024) — FIntegrate Technology, a top provider of fintech solutions for financial institutions, today announced the launch of its latest image and data conversion suite —FusionLRS.

Leading FIntegrate back into the image and data conversion space is a management development and operations team of experts who have spent over 25 years converting or migrating hundreds of thousands of terabytes of data for more than 4,800 financial institutions nationwide. These experts created the data conversion space in 1998, including leading products that are currently operating in the market, such as OmniView (ILS) and Jack Henry’s ProfitStars.

Designed for financial institutions of all sizes, FusionLRS is an Image and Data Conversion system, and includes a Browser for research of all types of data that does not have to be mapped and loaded into the new system. Drawing on more than two decades of conversion related experience and products, FusionLRS is designed to efficiently convert all types of check images, documents, statements, reports, and other types of financial system archives to a new format, including indexing meta data to be loaded into a different system. Traditional data conversion methods can be expensive and not always necessary, costing $40,000 to $250,000 on average. FusionLRS offers a cost-effective solution, allowing all data and image archives to be converted into any format required or simply migrated into the FusionLRS browser for long-term research. The converted data can be indexed, mapped, and loaded into the new go-forward system, regardless of their core or ECM system.

Financial institutions can also convert their most important or most recent data into the new system and use the FusionLRS browser to research the remaining legacy data. The FusionLRS browser provides the ability to research all data and images in-house for centralized management and administration without suffering through time, frustration and cost of a full conversion, mapping, and loading process.

With decades of experience in the data conversion business, FIntegrate understands the importance of banking system cutover processes and timelines, and what it means to not have the data you need when and where you need it. Our solutions are built to identify data and process issues, well in advance, to ensure that all data is properly converted and ready to load into the new system or research with our browser when needed. FusionLRS uses advanced automated processes to ensure accuracy while reducing time and costs for the financial institution.

“Data conversions are some of the most time-consuming and tedious processes, and each system and data type are completely different, even if they are from the same company. Using our decades of experience and the latest technical tools, we created and automated a very efficient process that ensures all data is converted and tracked so reporting on any missing dates or data can be easily done. We have completed data conversions for almost every check and document image, report, and data archive in the banking industry, and we have the knowledge and experience to know the intricacies of every version. We will convert that data for the client and make sure it’s complete and where it needs to be when it’s needed,” says Kris Bishop, CEO of FIntegrate.

Bishop adds, “The introduction of FusionLRS is a significant milestone in our ongoing strategy to provide leading-edge data conversion and research solutions for financial institutions. With this solution, we will continue to effectively serve financial institutions, helping them mitigate risk, control costs, and increase efficiency.”

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