Fitzsimons Credit Union and BloomCU join to make web experiences a partnership

AURORA, CO (November 8, 2019) — When you’re committed to serving members the way that Fitzsimons Credit Union is, you want your website to be a welcoming, intuitive extension of that identity. Enter BloomCU, an award-winning design agency with a knack for the human-side of credit union website design. The two companies have begun working together to build a new home base for Fitzsimons Credit Union.

Fitzsimons Credit Union thinks about their members as partners. Working with BloomCU, the two organizations were able to dream up the ways that a web experience could feel like a digital partnership. “They were clear from day one that ‘partnership’ was a core value to them, and wanted the new website to reflect that,” said BloomCU’s Creative Director Ryan Harmon. “We started having conversations about what it would feel like to have a website partner with you.”

Coincidentally, partnership is also a key element of BloomCU’s creative process. The agency is known for working closely with credit unions to deliver a website experience that reflects the unique personality of the credit union. Values like speed, beauty, simplicity, intuition, and user-friendliness are consistent across their sites. With Fitzsimons Credit Union, those values will be reflected with a that site empowers, encourages, and inspires users to achieve goals through the help of the credit union.

Like their current site, the new site will allow users to switch between English and Spanish languages. Bilingual integration will make the site a more intuitive, user-friendly experience for Fitzsimons’ diverse membership. The bilingual feature was an essential part of early conversations about the site’s direction.

Other key components of the credit union’s website design will be faster load times, beautifully updated imagery (including photos), member-focused copy, and better search and navigation capabilities. The site will continue Fitzsimons’ tradition of pushing technology and expanding access for members.

About Fitzsimons Credit Union

Fitzsimons Army Hospital (FAH) Federal Credit Union was chartered in 1955. A few name changes later, the mission remains the same: bring together employees, board members, and credit union members in a partnership that helps people flourish. Fitzsimons has received recognition over the years for boldly pioneering new technology and expanding their field of membership to better serve the community.

About BloomCU

Nestled in the heart of Silicon Slopes, Utah-based BloomCU is a Diamond Award-winning design agency that marries stunning credit union website design with intelligent technology. With an eye for beauty and the brains to match, BloomCU generates flawless designs that incorporate cutting-edge tech, like real-time personalization and chatbots, to create crush-worthy websites for credit unions. For more information, visit


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