Foundation responds & provides financial aid in wake of Nebraska flooding

CUAid funds distributed to Nebraska CU League

MADISON, WI (March 21, 2019) — In response to the devastating flooding in Nebraska and the Midwest, the National Credit Union Foundation (the Foundation) is distributing funds to the Nebraska Credit Union League through the CUAid General Disaster Relief Fund to assist those credit union people affected.

“When disaster strikes, the first thing we do is call our league and state credit union foundation partners to see how we can help,” noted Gigi Hyland, Foundation Executive Director, “Thanks to the collective generosity of the credit union movement throughout the year towards the CUAid General Disaster Relief Fund, the Foundation can respond immediately to the needs of those credit union employees and volunteers affected by the flooding.”

The disaster relief funds will be distributed to the Nebraska Credit Union League who will be working with their credit unions to access the needs of those affected.

Nebraska Credit Union League President and CEO Scott Sullivan said, “Credit unions have continued to step-up in the wake of disasters and showcase their cooperative spirit and ‘people helping people’ philosophy. Because of that, we can quickly distribute funds to those who need it most. Thank you to all those who have contributed to CUAid and made this possible.”

Donations can always be made to the General Relief Fund through to help prepare for future disasters.  100% of the donations through CUAid goes to credit union disaster relief. The Foundation does not use disaster relief funds to pay for the web platform or any of the Foundation costs to administer the national disaster relief program for credit unions.

To learn more about how the CUAid Disaster Relief Program has benefited credit unions, visit the Foundation’s website.

About The National Credit Union Foundation

The National Credit Union Foundation (the Foundation) is the charitable arm of the U.S credit union movement, serving as a catalyst for change in people’s financial lives. The Foundation works to ignite understanding and focus on member financial health, inspire and create opportunities for credit unions to leverage their cooperative values and respond quickly when disaster strikes. Through cooperative support and action, the Foundation helps people achieve financial freedom.


Elizabeth Krenzelok

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