Genisys Partners With FamilyMint For Financial Literacy Program

Contact: Lon Bone – (248) 745-8913

Genisys Credit Union is the first credit union to take financial responsibility to a new level by partnering with FamilyMint, a hands-on budgeting tool that provides parents and grandparents with an interactive resource to teach their children about financial literacy and the importance of saving. This online money management application is free and engages Genisys members as young as six years old in a fun way. Under adult supervision, children learn to track their money by allocating savings, setting goals and making transactions. Parents and grandparents can also automate allowance, encourage savings with motivating interest rates and reward deposits for achieving goals. 

According to The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., nearly 72% of the parents surveyed acknowledged that they are their children’s primary source of personal finance education, although 44% admit to needing more guidance on how to best teach their children the skills necessary to become financially responsible and successful adults.
This is where FamilyMint can help. The idea was created by two dads, Jeff Eusebio and Bob Masterson, who were frustrated with the existing tools in the marketplace for teaching sound money management skills earlier in life and helping kids appreciate money. 

“Many of our users experienced the same frustrations and one expressed it best when she wrote to us that after years of preaching to ‘spend your money wisely, don’t buy that junk and think about where you are spending your money,’ FamilyMint SHOWED the boys exactly all those things in the matter of a few weeks,” Masterson stated.  “We are excited to be partnering with Genisys Credit Union because of their extensive community focus, and we know FamilyMint will be a great enhancement to Genisys’ youth programs.” 

There are two versions including the FamilyMint Free and the FamilyMint Premium that families can choose. The Premium version has extra features and is available to Genisys members at a 20% discount ($39.50/year) through the Genisys website at

“This program is a great way to discuss finances with the entire family,” said Jackie Buchanan, CEO. “It educates consumers of all ages about proper money management and sets the foundation of saving that members will benefit from for the rest of their lives.” 

Genisys Credit Union is glad to be part of your community, and we truly believe that Genisys is “where you come first.” We are locally owned, locally controlled and continue to be an award-winning organization for financial safety and soundness. Follow our community involvement on Facebook at and Twitter at to find out what’s going on in your neighborhood. A calendar of events can also be found on our Web site at

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