GrooveCar’s CU Xpress Lease announces car leasing webinar

Credit unions will learn how to take advantage of this lucrative market

HAUPPAUGE, NY (November 7, 2016) — CU Xpress Lease, the nation’s leading auto lease program for credit unions announces, “Why Lease? Why Now? It’s time for more credit unions to enter the auto lease market,” on November 10th, addressing the highly profitable and exclusive lease market. The program, now in its 10th year, has experienced a 40% YTD growth over 2015 and its’ credit union partners are on pace to fund approximately $1 billion in leases by the end of 2016. The webinar is open to all credit unions and will address how leasing has become the finance option of choice for many throughout key regions of the U.S. As leasing continues to expand, this informative webinar will provide an in depth view of how to position your credit union for success and benefit from market conditions. “It’s important for credit unions to gain a greater market share of this business. This webinar will leave those attending with a better understanding of how to get started and grow, as credit unions have a unique advantage,” explains Robert O’Hara, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, GrooveCar Inc.

An area of high interest for credit unions is the appeal leasing has for millennial members. This propensity to lease, combined with the millennials deep distrust of traditional banks, places credit unions in an excellent position to serve this group. In addition to the millennial, the webinar will also focus on: Why consumers are leasing and why it is important for credit unions to take advantage of market conditions, lease statistics and market data, benefits of offering a lease program, risks associated with leasing and how to compete at the point-of-sale. In essence, the webinar provides a road map on how to get in front of all members through a leasing product, while keeping the credit union competitive at every stage of the auto buying cycle.

The webinar will touch on the program while inviting attendees to submit questions specific to their needs. “The goal is to demonstrate how incremental growth can be achieved through leasing. We will be discussing data including statistical information we have witnessed from credit unions on our program. Credit unions will find the information very beneficial as we enter a new year since leasing could help credit unions reach their loan volume and revenue goals for next year,” comments O’Hara.

CU Xpress Lease provides all the tools to compete against captives and banks. The longevity and success of the program can be traced to the benefits provided to credit unions without the risk once associated with leasing. “In some regions of the U.S., up to 70% of new vehicle purchases are through leasing. Credit unions will learn how to be competitive at all stages instead of competing for just traditional loans. Plus, leasing provides an excellent opportunity to build stronger relationships and relevancy with local dealers since there is far fewer lease options for them to choose from, thereby allowing the credit union to stand out,” states O’Hara.

CU Xpress Lease is the nation’s number one credit union automotive lease program featuring a portfolio of over $3.2 billion and more than 65,000 vehicles. The program is 100% responsible for vehicles’ residual value and any wear and tear, along with an average FICO score of 757, a 75% look-to-book and an average term of 37 months.

To sign up go to the website and follow the prompts or click: A copy of the webinar will be made available to all participants.

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GrooveCar, a Fusion AF company, has been providing full-service automotive loan growth solutions to credit unions since 1999.  GrooveCar focuses on building strong, lasting relationships with credit union partners by ensuring they can capture loan volume without compromising the quality and integrity of their portfolio. GrooveCar’s knowledge of the credit union industry, combined with an expansive dealer network surpassing 4 million vehicles, enhances the ability of credit union partners to secure loans and leases while offering the guidance and knowledge that their members seek.Additional information on GrooveCar can be found at

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A lease product specifically designed for the credit union to reap the benefits of leasing while maintaining control of the credit process. CU Xpress Lease and its affiliated companies bring decades of experience in auto remarketing and lease servicing to meet the needs of credit unions and their members. With offices in Bedford, Texas; Lebanon, NJ and Hauppauge, New York, an experienced infrastructure is ready to provide credit unions with an innovative product without the risk.


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