HappyOrNotⓇ Kiosks deliver feedback, pizazz and more at seven credit union association events in 2015

ANDOVER, MA (January 13, 2016) — Five Credit Union Associations representing seven states along the US East Coast all utilized HappyOrNot customer satisfaction kiosks during association events in 2015 to enable their attendees to provide instant feedback regarding keynote speakers, educational sessions, vendor exhibits, evening events and the overall conference/convention.

The Cooperative Credit Union Association (MA, NH, RI), the Credit Union League of Connecticut, the MD & DC Credit Union Association and the New Jersey Credit Union League all used the innovative kiosks.   

Event attendees were asked to tap one of four smiley face buttons on the HappyOrNot kiosks in order to record their level of happiness and satisfaction with each part of the event.  The results were automatically and anonymously tallied by the HappyOrNot Reporting Service and uploaded each evening to the HappyOrNot central server.  Graphical analysis reports were then emailed to association execs by 6AM the following morning.

“Member satisfaction is paramount, not only at the credit union level but at the Association level as well,” said Paul Gentile, Cooperative Credit Union Association president/CEO. “Using the HappyOrNot kiosks is a very effective way to actually determine the satisfaction level of those we’re committed to serve. Knowing you’re doing a good job is one thing; having the data to confirm it validates your efforts and hard work.”

“Our League, attendees and speakers all enjoyed receiving next day feedback from the HappyOrNot kiosks” says Jill Nowacki, president/CEO of CUCLT.   “We were able to respond to what we heard from our attendees right at the event itself, and also gather input on some ideas for future education events.”

For 2016, HappyOrNot and its authorized partner DoublePort LLC have received requests to participate in credit union events across the US.   “The events enable credit union execs to see the kiosks in action and to better understand how they can help improve customer satisfaction and employee performance at their own credit union branches”.  says Ed Gundrum, co-Founder and CEO of DoublePort LLC who specializes in the sales and deployment of the devices to credit unions and banks throughout North America.

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Ed Gundrum
Co-Founder, CEO
DoublePort, LLC

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