Harland Clarke Digital Launches SM:Vault Email Archiving Solution

Donna Hinkelman, Vice President Corporate Communications

Secure Archiving System Alleviates Compliance Concerns for Marketing Email Communications; Archives on Per-Recipient Basis and Prevents Loss of Pertinent Data

San Antonio, TX Harland Clarke Digital, a leading provider of email marketing services, has launched SM:Vault, a marketing email archival solution that provides a single-source location for email messaging, archiving and retrieval. SM:Vault’s archival process and searchable index make it an ideal solution to aid in SEC 17a-4 regulation compliance that requires procedures for storage, search and restoration of electronic records, including emails.
SM:Vault enables financial institutions, insurance companies and any other organization with data retention requirements, to automate the archiving of all email marketing communications. Its unique archival process retains exact copies of every individual HTML and plain text email sent through Harland Clarke Digital’s SubscriberMail® platform — including personalized content and images — on a per-recipient basis. This process prevents the loss of pertinent information and data. SM:Vault protects archived emails from being erased or altered until the expiration of a pre-determined data retention period.
If SM:Vault users are audited, they can use the quick-search feature to search archived emails by keyword, subject line, IP address, sender, or date range to retrieve an exact copy of any original email in seconds. By standardizing the archival process, SM:Vault ensures consistency and provides operational efficiencies by replacing time-consuming manual processes that are susceptible to human error.
“Financial institutions want to communicate regularly with their account holders, but regular communication can present a challenge when it comes to audit considerations such as email retention and retrieval,” said Mike Ferguson, vice president and general manager, Harland Clarke Digital. “It is critical to have a system that protects data retention to meet regulatory requirements and reduce production email server load. SM:Vault clearly meets that need.”

“We have assurance in the SM:Vault that what we sent to the customer is what is archived,” said Joan Salvatore, assistant vice president and research director, Creative Strategies, Umpqua Bank. “This solution met our needs, and in some cases, surpassed them.”

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