Harland Financial Solutions’ LaserPro® Celebrates 25th Anniversary

LaserPro®, Harland Financial Solutions’ pioneering compliant loan documentation solution, recently marked its 25th anniversary. Introduced in 1985, LaserPro delivers the latest technology and efficiency for multiple loan types for lenders of all sizes. Throughout the years, the solution has continued to evolve to support the thousands of lenders who use it to remain compliant with state or federal law, while continuing to provide outstanding customer service. As a result, LaserPro continues to increase its client base year over year; in just the last year alone, Harland Financial Solutions has gained more than 150 new LaserPro clients.

“LaserPro is an innovative product, and we’re committed to keeping it at the forefront of technology and compliance standards,” said Dan Larlee, chief technology officer for Harland Financial Solutions. “Throughout a series of technology upgrades during the last two decades, we have maintained a single compliance engine to help keep our clients one step ahead of all the regulatory changes. We’re continually investing in LaserPro and, as a result, we have created a solution with real staying power that our clients and the industry know and trust.”

LaserPro enables its users to handle the full range of transaction types, from simple consumer loans to residential real estate mortgages to complex commercial loans, all customizable to the individual lending institution’s needs. The latest version, LaserPro 6.0, uses .NET technology that includes numerous new, user-friendly features, including calendar pop-ups and side-by-side help windows, as well as the convenience of single sign-on.

Another significant reason for the longevity of LaserPro is the company’s razor-sharp focus on compliance. In addition to its own dedicated team of compliance attorneys, Harland Financial Solutions uses the brainpower of its 50-state attorney network, allowing it continual monitoring of state and federal regulatory changes to keep development efforts ahead of compliance changes. This provides LaserPro true 50-state lending capacity backed by a limited $1 million compliance warranty.

Harland Financial Solutions’ clients concur that LaserPro keeps up with, and often stays ahead of, numerous compliance changes. “I am impressed with the way Harland Financial Solutions stays current with compliance issues,” said Sherri Hayes, senior vice president, Loan Administration for NBC Oklahoma. “Its team stays ahead of the changes and is ready with new releases before new regulations go into effect. The result is that these new laws have minimal impact on our customers.”

Lasetha “C.C.” Murray, loan processor for American Bank of Missouri, first started using LaserPro back in 1988. Although she’s seen and used other lending systems throughout her career, LaserPro continues to provide everything she needs to do her job – and do it well.

“Both technology and the banking industry itself have changed dramatically over the years. LaserPro has not only kept up, but in many cases, kept a few steps ahead of it all,” said Murray. “The Harland Financial Solutions team has always been there for us – and is always forward-thinking. When you use LaserPro, you don’t have to play catch up. You’re not using old technology, and you’re not waiting for the system to catch up to the regulations. Harland Financial Solutions ensures that LaserPro keeps up with our needs.”

Currently, LaserPro is used by more than 3,000 lenders nationwide. Its scope covers loan, collateral, borrower, payment, and various credit life insurance types. “LaserPro was a great product in 1988, and it is a great product today,” continued Murray. “It’s easy to use, it’s customizable, and it makes our jobs easier. That’s why I still love it, still talk about it and still think it’s the best choice out there.”



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