Harland Financial Solutions Launches New Service Offering

UltraData® Enterprise Merger Services Unveiled

Lake Mary, Florida (June 1, 2010) – As credit union mergers become more frequent and complex, Harland Financial Solutions has launched UltraData® Enterprise Merger Services. Designed for credit unions of any size, Harland Financial Solutions’ merger services capabilities will aid merging credit unions in streamlining the data conversion process integral to any credit union merger or acquisition.  

While mergers and acquisitions can benefit both the acquiring and the acquired institution, blending systems, culture and staff often presents challenges to both the institutions and their members. UltraData Enterprise Merger Services are designed to help alleviate many of these challenges using a proven methodology for providing success in merging core systems. Three tiers of service –Manual, Guided and Premier – enable financial institutions to choose the level of involvement needed.

Manual Merger Services is designed for small credit unions merging together. It provides overall management and guidance of the data conversion process with the institution taking on the majority of task-oriented work. Guided Merger Services offers increased hands-on involvement and overall project management provided by Harland Financial Solutions. Premier Merger Services is suited for larger, more complex mergers where the bulk of responsibility and workload of the data conversion process is removed from the institutions and managed by Harland Financial Solutions.

Harland Financial Solutions’ UltraData Enterprise Merger Services has helped credit unions nationwide capitalize on acquisition opportunities. California Agribusiness Credit Union ($32 million in assets) based in Buena Park, California, sought conversion support that matched its aggressive growth-through-acquisition strategy. “With Guided Merger Services, we were able to merge two credit unions in with ours on the same effective date,” said Adam Denbo, president and CEO of California Agribusiness Credit Union. “For any implementation, superior project management is crucial. With a concrete methodology, Harland Financial Solutions goes line-by-line to scope the project and then creates a solid project plan to follow through to completion.”

The $1.3 billion asset-sized Genisys Credit Union of Auburn Hills, Michigan was equally impressed with the services. “Through these services, we were provided with not only a project plan, but also a risk management plan. And, we had the opportunity to simulate the ‘go-live’ day in a controlled environment,” said Jackie Buchanan, president and CEO of Genisys Credit Union. “We felt prepared for almost any situation.”

“UltraData Enterprise Merger Services is another example of the way in which Harland Financial Solutions continually assists its clients in improving growth opportunities, while minimizing risk,” said Kathy D’Alelio, vice president of professional and consulting services for Harland Financial Solutions.



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