HomeCU, Installed at 350 Credit Unions, Opens up for Targeted Banners

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DeepTarget Inc. ( today announced that Perfect Circle Credit Union based in Hagerstown, Indiana became the first HomeCU online banking customer to implement DeepTarget OLB.  HomeCU is the online banking service that is produced by Database Management Services Inc (DMS), based in Boise, Idaho.   DMS, founded in 1989 to provide database services, currently serves 350 credit union customers with its popular online banking platform.   With this implementation, the HomeCU platform now interfaces seamlessly with DeepTarget OLB, providing the ability for credit unions to cross-sell and communicate to members in a targeted manner within the online banking channel.

“At DMS, we are always looking for ways to help our credit unions utilize home banking to save money or increase revenue.  To this end, we were pleased to assist our HomeCU client Perfect Circle Credit Union who expressed their interest in implementing DeepTarget OLB.” said Joe Pearson, President and Founder of DMS.  He added, “Now, with HomeCU supporting this capability, our other clients can also take advantage and reap the benefits of this unique marketing technology”.

Lisa Dykhoff, President, Perfect Circle CU, said “We are excited about implementing DeepTarget OLB and obtaining the benefits of targeted communication with our members. It is important for us to be able to present the right offer to the right member, and to do so with ease. We believe that the online banking channel is an optimum one for such marketing, and we expect to realize similar returns as other credit unions that have successfully deployed DeepTarget OLB”.  

DeepTarget products include the following:

DeepTarget OLB for credit unions and banks is a secure, hosted, electronic banner messaging solution that presents targeted and personalized offers to members within various online banking environments.  Highly measurable, DeepTarget OLB has a proven track record of exceptionally high software return on investment (ROI) and has been shown to boost the success of marketing campaigns and influence new account opening activity.

DeepTarget Email, the newest product, takes the focus on targeting and personalization into the realm of email marketing.  Unique for its rich user experience, particularly in using rules to individually target email recipients with applicable images and messages, DeepTarget Email takes the complexity out of creating personalized, relevant and therefore, highly effective, emails.

About DeepTarget Inc.

DeepTarget Inc. is an insight driven digital marketing company whose software is rapidly redefining targeted marketing. Through the use of DeepTarget marketing technology for online and other digital media, DeepTarget is able to provide comprehensive messaging solutions for businesses of varying sizes and in diverse industries. With anticipated significant growth in the online advertising and digital media industries, DeepTarget is uniquely positioned for sustained success. For more information, visit

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