HubSpot’s Sam Mallikarjunan hosts session on inbound marketing for banks, credit unions at #BankSocial media conference

MIAMI, FL (February 1, 2017) — #BankSocial 2017 ( welcomes Internet and social media marketing professional Sam Mallikarjunan, who will present “The Essentials of Inbound Marketing + Sales for Banks and Credit Unions” on April 4 at 10:30 a.m. The hour-long session will explore in detail why inbound marketing is so vital for all organizations, including retail banks and credit unions. Spaces are still available at #BankSocial; to learn more and register, visit

“In 2017, the bigger you are the quicker you fall,” says Sam Mallikarjunan. “The first and second most profitable industries, healthcare and tech, have already found themselves thrown into turmoil as global disruptors work constantly to upend the status quo. Finance is feeling the squeeze, and it’s going to get worse with the huge growth in FinTech innovation. This talk will teach you what you need to know to build a customer acquisition and retention engine using inbound marketing that can help insulate your bank or credit union’s profits from technical disruption. Learn how to build and measure sales and marketing engines that drive real growth.”

According to most experts, inbound marketing remains a gold mine — and one that, puzzlingly, many companies and organizations have neglected. Inbound marketing offers distinct and measurable advantages over the more traditional outbound methods. Return on investment is higher with inbound marketing, while outbound marketing demands high volumes for low yields, and it’s difficult at best to quantify its impact. Despite these drawbacks, organizations often dedicate the overwhelming majority of their marketing spend to outbound campaigns.

“The Essentials of Inbound Marketing” will investigate how inbound marketing can result in increased opportunities for a relatively modest investment. The strategies discussed in the session are scalable to institutions large and small. Marketing managers and executives will leave the session with a solid understanding of inbound marketing’s core concepts, and how to develop and deploy a strategy that fits their organizations’ needs. “The Essentials of Inbound Marketing” will also cover the following key areas:

  • How to build sales and customer retention into an inbound marketing campaign
  • How to increase inbound conversion rates through more effective strategies
  • How to measure inbound marketing effectiveness

Mallikarjunan has a strong background in contemporary marketing best practices, with a focus on how social media and the Internet have permanently changed the game. His work involves distilling information into actionable metrics and insights as part of optimizing marketing spend. “Social Media Marketing Magazine” selected Mallikarjunan as the 10th-ranked Marketing Executive on Twitter.

“We’re thrilled to have a respected authority on inbound marketing like Sam Mallikarjunan presenting this material,” says #BankSocial Founder John Siracusa. “Bank and credit union representatives interested in transforming their marketing efforts are encouraged to make time for this session.”

Last year’s inaugural #BankSocial Media Conference made waves in the retail bank and credit union marketplace. With a stellar lineup of speakers and an agenda chock-full of powerful, useful content, #BankSocial 2017 looks to build on — and exceed — that success. More information about what’s happening at the four-day event is available at

About #BankSocial

#BankSocial is the only event solely dedicated to social media and content marketing for banks and credit unions. It’s the place to come learn and network with industry leaders in both social media and retail banking. As a bank or credit union, regulations have made social media somewhat of a dangerous or nerve racking territory. That’s why #BankSocial was created – because finance isn’t like every other industry, and #BankSocial is a safe place you can find the resources you need to bring successful social media strategies back to your institution. After attending #BankSocial you’ll have learned how to develop effective content strategies, how to successfully integrate them within your organization’s departments, and feel confident and excited to execute them at your institution!


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