iLife Updates Mad City Money for New School Year

Contact: Britney Samperi at Shell Federal Credit Union, 713.844.0670


iLife, powered by Shell Federal Credit Union, updated and added a fresh look to Mad City Money for the 2010-2011 school year. The renovation included updated store fronts in a uniform look and adding the use of debit cards to teach the students responsible card usage and the risks of identity theft if their debit card is lost or stolen.

Mad City Money is a hands-on financial education seminar developed by CUNA (Credit Union National Association) and customized by credit unions that provides students with an occupation, salary, spouse, student loan debt, credit card debt and medical insurance. High school students take on the role of an adult by visiting merchants to select housing, transportation, food, household necessities, clothing and other wants and needs while building a budget.  

For two years, iLife, powered by Shell Federal Credit Union, has helped educate and assist young adults with their financial and volunteerism needs. iLife encourages high school students to discover the value of saving, building credit, and financial basics. iLife’s website includes videos, blogs, volunteer events and details on programs customized for the 14 to 24 age group.

For more information on iLife or Mad City Money contact Britney Samperi, iLife Innovator, at 713.844.0670 or by email at


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