Insuritas launches Careington products on SmartCART™ platform

EAST WINDSOR, CT (March 8, 2017) — Insuritas announces today that Careington Health Products have successfully deployed their Advisor Services, Travel & Concierge Services and Health and Wellness Discount Programs on the Insuritas SmartCART™ platform.

SmartCART is the world’s only insurance technology platform that allows consumers to shop, compare, buy and instantly receive their personal policies from a rapidly growing suite of consumer focused insurance products in a one-stop, multi-product, multi-carrier, end-to-end shopping experience. In the same way that allows consumers to shop and buy multiple products from multiple vendors in a uniform and consistent purchase, sale and delivery experience, the SmartCART automated, rules-based, real-time, transaction platform provides a similar experience for all things insurance.

Jeffrey Chesky, CEO of Insuritas noted; “Our secure, scalable, technology platform is providing a completely digital shopping platform for getting more and more insurance products in front of our over 7 Million customers and their over 35 Million web visits every month, driving product sales rates while collapsing customer acquisition costs (CAC).”

Over 20 national carriers are integrating on to the SmartCART platform, with more participating carrier announcements expected to come. Supporting both customer loyalty and the ability to cross sell products, the SmartCART creates the convenience of storing all of a customer’s insurance account information securely in one place. Not only can customers access their policies, coverage certificates, claim filing information and identification cards, they can modify everything in their profile from payment method to changing dependents and beneficiaries, etc.

Chesky continued, “SmartCART continues to demonstrate the easiest way consumers can access and purchase insurance products that will now include three superior Careington product offerings. By simply adding these products to the same shopping cart, customers can purchase all with a single application, one click and one payment.”

Careington Life Advisor Services features discounts on personal and professional services including legal or tax advice, concierge services, child and elder care referrals or identity theft protection. LifeAdvisor® ensures that you have the assistance you need to maintain your active lifestyle. Careington Care Travel Plan offers discounts on travel products and services such as hotel and car rental, roadside assistance, 24/7 travel concierge service, and more. Careington Health and Wellness Discount Program offers discounts on a variety of health and well-being products and services such as Vision, Dental, Lab Tests, Diabetic Supplies, Supplements and Telemedicine.

For more information on SmartCART Insurtech digital platform contact Lisa Deedy at

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Insuritas has reengineered insurance distribution in America; simply changing the way insurance works – by building a scalable platform that currently has a comprehensive knowledge of and active engagement with nearly 9 million retail and 1.5 million small business insurance buyers. Insuritas has reengineered insurance by building complex, private labeled insurance agency solutions embedded into the financial services industry, enabling these firms to own a turn-key insurance agency and offer their members a comprehensive set of insurance & risk management products through a white-labeled, digitally-optimized solution installed, managed, and optimized by Insuritas. Insuritas has built a single fully integrated platform that can connect the over 300M+ insurance buyers in the US and all of their annual insurance needs to insurance carriers in a single, virtual insurance agency eco-system, collapsing the fragmented and antiquated customer acquisition, quoting and policy issuance model and finally replacing it with intelligent insurance. For additional information please visit


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