Introducing SPHTX Token – The Fuel of SophiaTX

Uncover the Advantages and Timeline of SophiaTX

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND (October 10, 2017) — SophiaTX is a Blockchain Platform and Marketplace that integrates business applications and solutions into a collaborative environment. This is a scalable and flexible solution, serving as the foundation for new applications with specialized processes and modules for companies where peer to peer architecture and decentralization is desired and beneficial.

The platform is fueled by SPHTX (SophiaTX token) which is used to cover mining and transaction fees, allow access and subscription to the development platform and marketplace, buy and sell assets or micro-assets & services, and allow for in-app purchases. A SophiaTX marketplace will be created, designed for trading applications and assets, know how, process maps and blueprints, integration, and professional consulting services to enable accelerated adoption and use.

“Within the first 18 months, following the finalization and verification of the Proof of Concept and working prototype, the platform shall enable connectivity with enterprise applications, starting with SAP and quickly followed by other leading applications.” said Jaroslav Kacina, CEO of Equidato Technologies AG, the company behind SophiaTX. SAP connectivity and many other features such as business compliant off-chain file storage and management & recovery of private keys, will be gradually introduced throughout 2018. Additionally, SophiaTX shall offer integration to other ERP, CRM and SCM solutions while also allowing advanced encryption mechanisms to protect privacy and confidentiality of business transactions. SophiaTX will introduce a mobile app with the full features of their platform and a complete web environment for easy user interaction.

Heading into 2019, or earlier, SophiaTX is planned to be further enhanced by a complex set of interfaces with IoT, process automation and process optimization enabled by the technology of the platform, and other functionalities such as data archiving, retention, and sophisticated analytics. Further progress shall be established and communicated by the SophiaTX team throughout development, likewise taking into account the expectations of clients, the community, and the greater business environment.

About SophiaTX

SophiaTX is a Blockchain Platform and Marketplace that integrates business applications and solutions into a collaborative environment. As an open source platform, it contains integration APIs to SAP and other enterprise software, covering leading ERP, CRM and SCM systems. The project is led by Equidato Technologies AG, the Swiss joint venture between Swiss-based blockchain content distribution platform DECENT and Venaco Group, an independent SAP advisory firm. Both companies have engaged in this endeavor and understand the massive potential offered by integrating the traditional approach of leading application portfolios with that of new emerging technologies, spearheaded by Blockchain. SophiaTX blockchain is tailored for extending traditional enterprise applications, and allows the enhancing and reshaping of current business models.


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