iTechNW to Launch More Mobile-Friendly Boardroom Web iPad App

Mike Lawson
DML Communications

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — September 13, 2012 — Capitalizing on today’s mobile and tablet trends, iTech Northwest; a technology solutions CUSO that serves credit unions, boards of directors, and other organizations; is updating its flagship product Boardroom Web™, an online collaboration and communications tool, to be even more iPad friendly.  Boardroom Web’s updated iPad version, which will be released in October 2012, will allow board members to more easily use the iPad to access their centralized document and discussion platform. This enhanced accessibility helps their customers improve their governance and the effectiveness of their businesses from anywhere worldwide. To date, more than 75% of their current customers use an iPad with Boardroom Web™.

iTech Northwest’s iPad version is essentially a more mobile-friendly version of the technology provider’s Boardroom Web™.  

“Our goal is to make the Boardroom Web iPad application the standard that companies look to as the simplest, safest, and best mobile boardroom portal,” states Brent Gifford, president of iTech Northwest. “Tablet accessible content from anywhere in the world is the current and future trend – and consumers are demanding it. This new application is a natural move for us to answer that consumer demand. We just want to make it even easier for board members to access their content ‘on the go’ and ultimately attract more potential users.

About iTech Northwest
iTech Northwest, located in Springfield, Ore., is a technology-driven company that develops tools to help organizations solve business challenges. The company’s flagship solutions include Boardroom Web™, an online collaboration and communication tool, and Cast My Vote™, an online voting solution. iTech Northwest is also available for consulting, custom development, and speaking engagements.  For more information, visit or call 888.209.8028.

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