Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union implements Infant at Work program

Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union recently launched a new program that allows mothers or fathers to bring their infant children to work with them. The Infant at Work program is designed to provide a positive work environment that recognizes parents’ responsibilities to their jobs and to their new arrivals.

“We understand the pressures and stress that all working parents face,” said Mark S. Cochran, President and Chief Executive Officer of Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union. “For parents of infant children, we recognize that it is crucial for both the parent and their new baby to spend time together. Our new Infant at Work program provides them with that very important time, while allowing the parent to return to work sooner,” he added.

Jeanne D’Arc staff member Caitlyn Aguiar returned to her position after six weeks of maternity leave. She does not rely on day care or a full-time babysitter for her almost two month old son, Hendrix. Instead, she cares for Hendrix at her workstation while also fulfilling her duties as the Assistant Member Service Center Manager. Aguiar is the first employee to take advantage of the program.

“It’s awesome to be able to spend more time to bond with my son,” said Aguiar. “It’s a valuable time moms miss out on, and it’s nice to know I don’t have to,” she added.

Aguiar says she is beginning to establish a routine with her new office mate, and is learning how to type with him in her arms.

Parents who are eligible for the program can bring their infant to work with them until the child turns six months old or begins to crawl, whichever comes first. The parent is asked to bring a basinet or other approved carrier and all necessary supplies to care for the infant at the parent’s work site. The Credit Union provides a private location on the premises that employees may use for feeding and caring for their infant.

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