Justice Federal Credit UnionAnnounces Special Assistance to Members Impacted by Potential Disruption of Federal Government Operations

Contact: Joan Marsh, VP Retail Delivery    
Phone: 703.480.5330

Chantilly, VA-In the face of a possible curtailment of government operations resulting from a delayin increasing thefederal debt ceiling, Justice Federal Credit Union (Justice FCU) has come to the aid of itsFederal government members.  In the event of a shutdown or furlough, the Credit Union announced that it will offer current and potential members a special Furlough Reliefloan. Affected current members will also be offered deferred payments on any existing consumer loans or credit cards that are carried with Justice FCU.

The special Furlough Relief loan will allow current and potential members a 0% interest ratefor 60 days at which time the interest rate will convert to 4.90%. The repayment term will be 12 months and the maximum amount will be up to $3,000. Loan amounts will be based on the member’s net paycheck and require direct deposit with the Credit Union.

“Supporting our members in a time of financial stress is important to us. Providing assistance to our law enforcement community is a vital part of our operation. We were there for our members during the last government furlough and plan to be there for them this time should the government shut down, ”said Pete Sainato, President/CEO of Justice FCU.

Members should contact the Credit Union directly for all requests, eligibility and qualifications.

About Justice FCU

Established in 1935, Justice Federal Credit Union has assets over $514 M and is headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia. The member owned, financial cooperative provides financial services exclusively to employees of the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, law enforcement communities, their family members, related associations, and contractors.  Locations include: New York, Texas, California, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington D.C. For more information on Justice FCU products and services visit

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