Kentucky CUs Collaborate on iBelong

Kay Neidlinger, Vice President – Communications                                                                                
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Indianapolis, IN — With support from 54 affiliates across Indiana and eight affiliates in the Louisville, Kentucky area, the Indiana League, in cooperation with the Kentucky League organized an advertising campaign which includes TV, radio and billboard placements. The campaign began at the end of 2011 and continues through mid-March.

The iBelong credit union awareness materials were licensed by the Indiana League for the campaign from the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association (PCUA). Media buys were made in Designated Marketing Areas (DMAs) across Indiana as well as Louisville,KY. Individual credit union contributions were applied to the DMA where each participating credit union is located.

“It has been a very beneficial collaborative effort by credit unions in both states with our Service corp also contributing more than $106,000 for the licensing and media buys in addition to credit union contributions,” said League President John McKenzie.

The message is focused on the benefits of credit union membership, and the media buy included more than 3,600 TV spots; 2,200 radio spots and 68 billboards. Since launching the campaign, there have also been hundreds of additional bonus spots on radio and TV as well as Internet advertising as part of the campaign.

“Participating in this campaign with our Indiana neighbors has helped Louisville area credit unions get the word out about the overall value of credit union membership,” said Wendell Lyons, president of the Kentucky League.

“We are extremely pleased that the Indiana Credit Union League has licensed the iBelong campaign on behalf of its member credit unions, and credit unions in the Louisville area,” said Jim McCormack, PCUA President/CEO. “A great deal of research and creative expertise went into the campaign which showcases credit union membership as the best choice in financial services.”

For the current campaign, the Indiana League used four of the TV spots that were produced by PCUA. The audio was used for radio spots. The spots and artwork for the billboards can be viewed here

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