Khorus gains traction with signing of Mid Oregon Credit Union

AUSTIN, TX (May 9, 2016) — Khorus Software announced today the signing of its newest client, Mid Oregon Credit Union. Mid Oregon, the only credit union headquartered in Central Oregon, will use Khorus to align its workforce and execute strategy.

“With Khorus, our credit union can now keep our main objectives top of mind and reinforce our rallying cry, which is to ‘Improve Clarity and Speed to Fulfillment,’” said Bill Anderson, CEO of Mid Oregon. “Khorus fits nicely with our past efforts working with Patrick Lencioni’s Table Group as well as with Partners in Leadership. We’re looking forward to rolling Khorus out to all of our employees.”

Khorus is an enterprise leadership platform that gives CEOs and leaders a central place to fulfill the key functions of their role. Unlike the informal business-management tools used by most CEOs, Khorus offers a single forward-looking system for driving execution, identifying and growing talent, and building a strong culture.

“Companies are facing new challenges every day as they try to align their organizations,” said Joel Trammell, founder and CEO of Khorus. “Khorus bridges the gap between leadership and employees, gets everyone involved in achieving the company’s big-picture priorities, and delivers on-the-ground insight up to the executive team. For CEOs, that means predictable results across the organization. For everyone else, it’s a lot more clarity on where the company is going and how they fit into the plan.”

With its new Talent component now in place, the Khorus platform will also give Mid Oregon’s leadership team a clear view of top performers across the organization and how they line up with company strategy, as well as allowing them to roll out an objective, hassle-free quarterly feedback system.

Join Mid Oregon CU and be a top performing credit union.  Check out our upcoming webinar:

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About Khorus

Khorus provides an enterprise leadership platform for driving performance, managing talent, and building culture. Khorus gives CEOs and leadership teams a single platform, accessible via web or mobile, to set company priorities each quarter and cascade supporting goals throughout the organization; gather weekly, company-wide forecasts on likely outcomes; identify and grow top performers; and ensure that performance reviews are consistent and on time.


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