Kindle Fire Sparks Credit Union Apps

Five leading credit unions are leading the way to a unique new level of mobile banking convenience for their members who have purchased the Kindle Fire electronic tablet.  CU Mobile Apps, who makes the customized mobile app available to credit unions across the country, has now made the app downloadable to the Kindle Fire through the online Amazon Apps Store.

The CU Mobile Apps product and its unique “App Engine” platform—originally made available to its credit union clients by Member Service Solutions, LLC (MSS)—has already been enthusiastically adopted by smartphone users, and is currently functional on their iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android phone and tablet devices, as well.

Because the lightweight and roughly pocket-sized Kindle Fire, an Amazon product, is so conveniently portable, it is anticipated that a significant number of the 5 million new Kindle Fires purchasers will rely on it—and its credit union app—for all their mobile banking needs, predicts MSS partner Tom Gray, a trainer, consultant, and creator of tailored profitability solutions for client companies nationwide.

“More and more credit unions are thus recognizing the value of sending push messages and member notifications as well as using the app as a banking tool,” Gray pointed out. “CU Mobile Apps clients are increasingly taking advantage of this exclusive capability.”

The five groundbreaking credit unions whose apps may currently be quickly and conveniently downloaded from the Amazon marketplace are Skokie, Illinois-based First Financial Credit Union, with 8,600 members; Portsmouth, Virginia-based Guardian Federal Credit Union, with 7,000 members; Oak Ridge, Tennessee-based Enrichment Federal Credit Union, with 38,000 members; Pasadena, Texas-based Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union, with 42,000 members; and Philadelphia-based Police and Fire Federal Credit Union, with 198,000 members,

As promised during its introduction, the original CU Mobile Apps product was designed to seamlessly accept and integrate newer technologies as they become available, said Rick Hargis, MSS owner/partner. “We are now making good on our early promise to deliver new technologies at no additional subscription charge—and with no additional costly and inconvenient restructuring or redesign delays for our existing customers.”

CU Mobile Apps is the most recent product offered by Member Service Solutions, LLC, a respected provider of insurance and financial solutions for credit unions and financial institutions. Their headquarters is located in Franklin, Tennessee. Additional information about the app and its accessibility through Kindle Fire devices is available at and, or by calling (800) 537-9035, Ext. 105.

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