KNG & Co. introduces solutions for executive compensation, succession and performance evaluation

WICHITA, KS (August 23, 2016) — KNG & Co. – a partnership of Clinton Koker, Jerry Nelson, and John Gregoire — have worked with the boards of hundreds of credit unions in aligning executive performance with compensation, compiling more than a hundred years of experience in developing solutions on these issues.

KNG & CO. partners have been at the forefront of executive compensation and performance management: Clinton Koker, Founder and CEO of Koker Goodwin & Associates created Compease, the standard for more than eight hundred organizations today;  Jerry Nelson, Founder and CEO of HRN, created Performance Pro which is driving the performance management process at hundreds of credit unions and in a substantial number of organizations outside the credit union industry; John Gregoire, Founder and CEO of The ProCon Group and a founding member of the CUNA HR Council, has focused on the alignment of executive compensation and organizational performance for Fortune 1000 companies.

Typically, credit union boards are composed of volunteers with little or no expertise in structuring compensation plans that link to performance, and they appreciate the objectivity, information and experience KNG & CO. provides. At the same time, these board members must approve salaries far exceeding their own, a regular challenge for credit unions. Because board members must rely on salary survey data collected and developed by credit union organizations, skepticism in the validity of compensation data has arisen.

Now KNG & Co has developed an additional source of objective compensation data and made it available in an on-line program called TruComp990.  The compensation data in TruComp990 is collected from IRS 990 filings and is available through an on-line subscription service. Since penalties for misinformation can be substantial and since it is highly unlikely anyone overstates earnings to the IRS, TruComp990 is an excellent source of reliable data on executive compensation.

KNG & Co has found that the link between performance and pay is blurred at best. KNG & Co consultants have developed a process that accurately maps organizational performance with executive compensation.  Their process insures clarity and accuracy in this vital correlation.


About KNG & Co

In addition to TruComp990, KNG & Co also offers an on-line succession planning program, Compease salary administration program, Performance Pro employee evaluation program and an executive performance planning and review program.



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