Kroll Bond Rating Agency Releases Credit Union Rating Methodology – A New Financial Strength Model

Tawanda Seifert
Managing Director & Head of the Subscription Rating Service
Kroll Bond Rating Agency, Inc.
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MOUNT AIRY, MD February 6, 2012 – Kroll Bond Rating Agency’s Subscription Rating Service (SRS) published a new rating methodology for U.S. Credit Unions (non-corporate).  A central feature of the new rating methodology is a revised statistical scoring system that was designed to improve the transparency of KBRA’s ratings and enhance ratings accuracy.  The new scoring system was developed following a thorough analysis of credit union failures over an 11-year period with a view towards identifying those credit union characteristics most predictive of failure.  The new system generates a score for each credit union.   This score is then converted into a rating which is analyzed by KBRA and published on the SRS website.  The new methodology, Credit Union Rating Methodology –  A New Financial Strength Model, is available at

KBRA provides financial strength ratings for over 17,000 entities.  The Subscription Rating Service (SRS) is used by finance, risk and treasury professionals to determine the credit worthiness and financial soundness of institutions.  Typical clients that use KBRA’s financial strength ratings include:  financial institutions, cash managers and treasurers of Fortune 500 companies, state municipalities and other government agencies, universities, investment banks and portfolio managers.  This service is also used by commercial lending institutions that use Letters of Credit, guarantees, or other credit enhancements issued by Banks (and other financial institutions).
KBRA provides financial strength ratings for:

  • ALL US Commercial Banks – 6,809 institutions
  • ALL Savings & Loans – 697 institutions
  • ALL Credit Unions (non-corporate) – 7,325 institutions
  • Bank Holding Companies – 1,021 institutions
  • Corporations – 1,001 institutions
  • Non-US Banks – 275 institutions
  • Title Insurance Companies – 52 institutions

About Kroll Bond Rating Agency:
Kroll Bond Rating Agency, Inc. ( is registered with the SEC as a nationally recognized statistical rating organization (NRSRO). Kroll Bond Rating Agency was established in 2010 to restore trust in credit ratings by establishing new standards for assessing risk and by offering accurate, clear, and transparent ratings.

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