LSC scores superior ratings by the credit unions it serves in 2013 survey results

NAPERVILLE, IL (January 23, 2014) –As a provider of payment solutions to over 35 percent of U.S. credit unions and the #1 supplier of prepaid debit card programs, exceptional survey results received by LSC are further testimony to its position as a premier credit union service organization.

“Out of 871 responses received, not a single credit union (0%) believes our competitors have better ‘product quality’,” says George Fiegle, LSC chief operating officer.  “Seventy-three percent (73%) indicated that our product quality was ‘much better’ or ‘somewhat better’ than our competitors.  That’s powerful.”

“Only 2 percent of the responders thought our competitors have better pricing; 76 percent indicated our pricing is “much better or somewhat better,” Fiegle added.

“Eighty-one percent (81%) of our customers believe our customer service is ‘much better’ or ‘somewhat better’ than our direct competitors; 2 percent think others may have better service.”

Satisfaction levels were also measured with 99 percent or 100 percent satisfaction levels recorded in the areas of professionalism, responsiveness, and staff knowledge.

LSC (formerly known as ICUL Service Corporation) serves nearly 2,500 credit unions in all 50 states – offering credit, debit, pre-paid debit, ATM, and customized mobile apps programs.

“Our mission is to ‘Help Credit Unions Compete’,” said Fiegle.  “Our staff is extremely passionate about serving and helping credit unions.  We love the industry, its ideals, and what it stands for.

LSC, formerly known as ICUL (Illinois) Service Corporation, is a credit union service organization offering a wide array of products and services and is dedicated to helping credit unions compete.  Its products include credit, debit, pre-paid debit, portfolio development assistance, ATM services, mobile applications, and debt collection.  It serves nearly 2500 credit unions in 50 states.  More information can be found at:

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