LEVERAGE partners with TwoScore & Gira{ph} to create winning formula for credit union marketing

Average TwoScore and Gira{ph} clients achieve 67.52 percent more loan growth than their peer size credit unions;Offering promotional strategies, research, and custom marketing plans with measurable results

BIRMINGHAM, AL (August 17, 2017) — Effective marketing is the key to keeping any institution at top-of-mind in the community. Small-asset-sized credit unions now have the tools to raise awareness among existing and potential members. In order to help its small credit unions achieve  success, LEVERAGE has partnered with the expert firms TwoScore and Gira{ph}, headed by former credit union executives familiar with the unique challenges and opportunities of small credit unions.

Founded to work exclusively with credit unions under $200 million in assets, this dynamic duo overcomes problems of limited resources and manpower. Together, they fill this specific niche, which greatly differentiates them from other firms in the industry serving this market with a more “one size fits all” approach. From conducting research to setting goals and engaging employees, TwoScore designs custom marketing plans with measurable results, comparing a credit union’s individual trends to industry and peer trends in today’s market.

“From culture development to new logos and website redesigns, TwoScore and Gira{ph} help you bring your brand to life for your members,” said LEVERAGE senior vice president Steve Willis. “By working in tandem, these companies maximize your marketing dollars by zeroing in on exactly how to make your credit union stand out in the market place.”

TwoScore offers marketing campaign strategy, execution and measurement, while Gira{ph} provides graphic design and collateral in the art and design of credit union marketing. One of the many strengths Gira{ph} brings to the table is “phormula,” an easy to use, affordable, flexible content management system that makes it simple for credit unions to update content and make the most of the web experience for members.

“I started TwoScore in 2014 because I saw a huge need in the industry,” said Amanda Thomas McMeans, founder and president of TwoScore. “Small credit unions deserve to have robust brands, dynamic marketing strategies, and to be able to tell their stories too. We make having an experienced VP of marketing possible for small credit unions, which helps them achieve the market advantage and sustainable growth they need.”

These organizations see clear results when implementing their marketing plans:

  • 450 percent ROI in first year of auto loan promotion for $19 million CU
  • 30.9 percent auto loan growth for $44 million CU
  • 32.65 percent growth of total loans in the first six months for a $53 million CU
  • 385.13 percent achievement of annual mortgage goal by a $26 million CU
  • 23.91 percent growth of total loan portfolio by a $27 million CU

Loan growth is a huge concern for small credit unions, and the average TwoScore and Gira{ph} clients achieve 67.52 percent more loan growth than their peer size credit unions.

TwoScore and Gira{ph}, in partnership with LEVERAGE, create chemistry with consumers and credit unions in a cost-effective manner that keeps small-asset-size organizations relevant in today’s marketplace.


LEVERAGE, the Service Corporation for the League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates, is the business services provider that leverages credit union system resources, relationships, and industry knowledge for optimal performance and sustained growth of its clients and business partners. We work to offer credit unions best-in-class products and services that result in reducing costs, maximizing results, and making the most difference. For more information, visit or follow LEVERAGE on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Mike Miller
Communications Manager

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