LGFCU Announces New Advisory Council Members

RALEIGH, NC (10/14/11) — Local Government Federal Credit Union (LGFCU) proudly announces the addition of two new advisory council members to two of its 28 councils across the state.

The new appointments are an integral part of LGFCU’s volunteer-driveninitiative not only to educate people on the benefits of credit union membership, but also to relay feedback to the board of directors regarding available/potentially available products and services, delivery of service and member needs.

Advisory council members, who represent the philosophical character of the credit union and contribute their time without compensation, function as LGFCU’s eyes and ears throughout the state, serving as liaisons between credit union members and non-members and LGFCU management.

September’s appointees are:

Albemarle Sound

Amy Powers, Albemarle Hospital, Project Manager

Northern Mountain

Janie O’Neal, Town of North Wilkesboro, Finance Officer

LGFCU is also proud to announce the addition of Aaliyah Cupil of Charlotte and Lauren Patton of Asheboro to its Youth Advisory Council, Our Generation—Speakin’ Up, which comprises North Carolina high school students. Now with 18 members, this group is instrumental in assisting the credit union in the development of a new generation of products and services for children, teens and young adults.

Local Government Federal Credit Union serves North Carolina’s local government employees, elected/appointed officials, volunteers and their families. The $1.1 billion federally chartered credit union is a cooperative of more than 202,000 members associated with various facets of local government in North Carolina’s 100 counties and 546 cities, towns and villages.

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