Local Credit Unions Partner with Action Agency for Financial Education Classes

Alliant CU & Health Services CU    
Emily Kress, Marketing Manager
Joe Gonzalez, VP of HSCU Division
1200 Associates Drive, Suite 102, Dubuque

Operation: New View
Community Action Agency
Becky Jenkins, Special Projects Coordinator
1473 Central Ave, Dubuque
563-556-5130, ext. 14

Health Services Credit Union (HSCU) and Alliant Credit Union (ACU), local Dubuque credit unions, are partnering with Operation: New View Community Action Agency to provide free financial education classes to Dubuque residents.  Participants will learn the Four Cornerstones of Financial Literacy in a four-part class starting Monday, November 7, 2011. 

Whether it is tips on how to reduce their credit card debt, how to budget more effectively, or actually learning how to read their own credit report, participants of the class take away real-life examples relevant to today’s economic hardships.  During the classes, participants learn and share from their personal experiences in an open and trusting environment, all while financial experts from HSCU and ACU are there to guide the group and answer questions.  Weekly topics include: 

  • Week one: Budgeting to Create Savings (Monday, November 7)
  • Week two: Debt Reduction & Asset Building (Monday, November 14)
  • Week three: Building a Good Credit Score (Monday, November 21)
  • Week four: Consumer Protection & Financial Institutions (Monday, November 28)

Updates from recent graduates show how easy it is to use the tools and steps learned in the class and apply them with everyday life.  Recent graduates from this course commented:

  • “I now have a plan to get out of the mess I’ve created.”
  • “It has brought a greater awareness of spending and gives plans to save for bigger items.  Thanks, this was great!”
  • “I’ve been much better with my money.  I’ve been balancing my checkbook regularly and have been taking action to reduce my debt.”

Classes run from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. and are held at the Prescott Community Center, 1151 White Street, Dubuque.  The classes are open to the public, however, space is limited.  Those interested in the class can call Operation New View at 563-556-5130, extension 14 to sign-up for the upcoming classes.

Alliant Credit Union, and its division Health Services Credit Union, is an award-winning, full-service financial institution with offices located at 1200 Associates Drive, 1402 White Street and 250 Mercy Drive, all in Dubuque. For more information, visit or call 563-585-3737 / 800-928-4328.

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