Maple Street launches revolutionary Vendor Advantage System™

Complete system for managing vendors is game changer for credit unions, community banks

Maple Street is today unveiling the Vendor Advantage System™ – an innovative advancement in managing vendors that powers performance for community banks and credit unions.

Maple Street’s Vendor Advantage System™ provides the only total solution to manage every aspect of vendor relationships and performance, positively impacting Maple Street’s clients’ bottom line. Passing exams and improved financial performance are guaranteed with VAS™.

Maple Street President and Founder Mike Crofts said the Vendor Advantage System™ is a game changer that goes way beyond compliance.

“We developed a complete, innovative system that is paradigm shift. The Vendor Advantage System™ is more than the vendor management; it is managing vendors. By using our system to power performance, we give community banks and credits unions more time to focus on extraordinary service,” Crofts said. “The best part is we do the work for them.”

In today’s ultra-competitive environment, Maple Street recognizes clients face new challenges from both traditional and new competitors. Costs are rising, and there is increasing pressure on revenue. Maple Street responds with one total system to ensure vendors are performing for optimum ROI.

For community banks and credit unions to succeed, Crofts explained they need an effective system to manage vendors.

With VAS™ Maple Street clients will get the performance they expect. The Vendor Advantage System ™ will hold vendors accountable through processes and services that measure results to lower costs and add to clients’ bottom lines. In addition, Maple Street’s Vendor Advantage System™ aligns clients’ goals with vendors’ abilities to perform and plans management of vendor relationships proactively to achieve appropriate client outcomes.

Maple Street has a history of being the leader in managing vendors. Nearly 15 years ago, the firm pioneered the industry for credit unions and community banks. The Vendor Advantage System™ is built on Maple Street’s extensive vendor knowledge earned through managing thousands of vendor contracts, assessing thousands of vendors, and hundreds of contract negotiations.

Today, Maple Street has clients across the country. The Orlando-based firm has saved clients over $70 million dollars.

Chief Executive Officer Teresa Crofts notes, “At Maple Street, our vision for managing vendors is different to be effective at solving client problems, and we want our clients to think differently, too. As always, we guarantee our clients will pass their exams, but our Vendor Advantage System™ does so much more. The model is a total vendor relationship lifecycle system that assures performance. Vendor management will never be the same.”

To learn more about Maple Street’s Vendor Advantage System™ go to or call (321) 214-1776.

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