Maps Credit Union adds Cummins Allison self-service coin machine to reduce wait times

SALEM, OR (June 1, 2016)Cummins Allison, the leading innovator and provider of coin, currency and check processing technology as well as ATMs, today announced Maps Credit Union, located in Salem, Oregon, has installed Cummins Allison’s Money Machine® 2 self-service coin counters in three of its branches to reduce wait times and improve member satisfaction.

Though many members conduct their business online, those who visit one of the credit union’s eight full-service branches often have more complicated, time-consuming transactions, such as counting coins. “When our tellers had to run back to the vault to run coins, it made the wait that much longer,” said Traci Kendall, vice president of branch operations at Maps.

The #1 Goal: Reduce Wait Times in Local Branches

In hopes of shaving two minutes off every transaction that included processing coins, Maps decided to test a Cummins Allison Money Machine 2 with a bin collection system. Instead of spending their time running coins and changing bags, employees simply process the receipts that members bring them after the members run their coins through the self-service machines.

After installing Cummins Allison coin machines and making other process and technology improvements in three of its branches, Maps achieved its goal of reduced wait times and improved member satisfaction. “We’ve definitely seen an improvement in how our members view their wait time in the branch,” said Kendall. “Those surveyed are giving us better scores when we ask about their wait time – particularly in the branches that have self-service coin machines.”

Making Fundraising—and Banking—More Fun

The coin machines also help Maps support community events, such as the annual penny drive held by a local school to benefit a children’s hospital. “After the penny drive, the school would actually bring the pennies to our branch in five-gallon buckets,” said Kendall. “They would drop them off and then come back to find out the totals and do the accounting piece. It could take us all day to get through counting all those coins.” With the self-service machines, students can find out how much they have in a fraction of the time because they’re running the coins themselves. Kendall added, “It’s almost as exciting as hitting the jackpot on the slot machine. It makes banking fun.”

“We understand the importance of member satisfaction,” said Bob Gibson, vice president, branch operations, Cummins Allison. “Adding the Money Machines provides a differentiating service and helps them meet their operational goals. We’re proud to partner with Maps Credit Union on this accomplishment.”

The credit union plans to install a self-service coin machine in each of its full-service branches.

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About Maps Credit Union

Maps Credit Union started with 17 volunteers in 1935, running the credit union out of kitchens and classrooms in Marion County. Today, Maps serves more than 52,000 members from and nine branches throughout the mid-Willamette Valley.


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