Maps Credit Union’s CU Wireless launches survey service

SALEM, OR (August 18, 2016) — CU Wireless, a subsidiary of Salem-based Maps Credit Union, is launching LiveSurvey, a service that lets credit unions collect customer feedback immediately after a transaction.

The service sends a customized electronic survey via email or text as soon as a member has stepped out of a branch or logged out of an online account. Survey results, which are linked to the transaction, are then automatically displayed on a dashboard for staff to review.

Immediate electronic surveys are better than traditional paper surveys, said Shane Saunders, Vice President of Development for Maps Credit Union.

Surveying a member immediately after a transaction is valuable because members are more likely to remember details. And reliable feedback helps credit unions improve their processes, establish better relationships with members, engage staff, and increase profitability, he said.

“The real-time results make this a very powerful tool.” said Saunders. “When we know what’s going on today, we can make the credit union better tomorrow.”

Immediate electronic surveys are better than paper surveys because nearly every segment of the population uses email, whereas not all young people use paper mail, said Saunders. Plus, members are five times more likely to respond to immediate electronic survey.

LiveSurvey also:

  • Comes with a free, tablet-friendly dashboard with unlimited users to access results
  • Provides targeted feedback about a specific transaction, location, branch and employee
  • Runs every few minutes, bringing in fresh feedback all the time

To see a demonstration webinar of LiveSurvey, contact Chris Giles at at 503.375.2428.

About Maps Credit Union

Maps Credit Union started with 17 volunteers in 1935, running the credit union out of kitchens and classrooms in Marion County. Today, Maps serves more than 52,000 members from and nine branches throughout the mid-Willamette Valley.


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