Member Service – New Heights in a Low Economy

Pete Sainato, Presiden/CEO
Justice Federal Credit Union

(Chantilly, VA) Justice Federal Credit Union has always prided itself on delivering exceptional member service and has been seriously tracking the “member happiness” consistently over the past 12 years across dozens of touch points.  

In 2008, the Credit Union hit a new record happiness rating which most thought wasn’t possible. And along with the declining economy, the happiness ranking was also anticipated to decline.

Yet, the membership happiness ranking has stayed strong, and this past quarter, 2011 hit yet another all time high.  

This milestone was celebrated at Headquarters and at branch locations across the country. “This level of record member satisfaction is quite an achievement and is very humbling.  At a time when our economy is uncertain, our members are speaking volumes about the solid value of Justice Federal Credit Union” said Pete Sainato, President/CEO

A big part of the consistently high ranked scores by the membership is the anchor of the Knowledge-Based-Training Program that was put in place over 10 years ago. This program was developed and designed to reward staff as they achieve different tier levels of knowledge.  The concept is simple really; train employees very well, improve their knowledge levels, install confidence, and this would, in turn, provide exceptional member service.  

It turns out that exceptional member service is very good for business.  In addition to the record for member satisfaction, the Credit Union has record earnings, record consumer loan production, and continues to expand this year adding new branches, new employees, and new member groups.  

Pat Duke
Marketing Manager

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