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Middletown, Pa. (July 25, 2011) – Recent headlines illustrate the cost to businesses and their customers when cyber-criminals are able to breach network security. Mid-Atlantic Corporate Federal Credit Union recognizes the critical importance of protecting its member credit unions’ information and has selected ZixCorp® Email Encryption Services to maintain the security of sensitive information. Mid-Atlantic Corporate uses ZixGateway®, a policy-based email encryption service, to automatically scan all outbound email and encrypt messages with sensitive information.

“Security is a top priority at Mid-Atlantic Corporate and Zix Corporation’s reputation as a trusted, reliable provider of email security makes it a logical choice,” said Richard Carberry, Security Administrator for Mid-Atlantic Corporate. “Their products deliver the best in email encryption technology with convenient delivery.”

Cyber-crime statistics point to a burgeoning problem that is expected to swell as companies and consumers grow increasingly comfortable sharing valuable data online and in emails. Carberry says guarding the Corporate’s member information is of prime importance to Mid-Atlantic Corporate.

“We selected Zix Corporation because it is committed to informing client companies about security issues, and email encryption is a very effective tool in our security arsenal,” Carberry said.

“We greatly appreciate that ZixCorp Email Encryption Services are viewed as a valuable component of Mid-Atlantic Corporate’s security strategy,” said Rick Spurr, ZixCorp’s Chairman and CEO. “Our priority is to offer the industry’s leading email encryption technology with the ease of use that our customers and their business partners demand. Mid-Atlantic Corporate’s trust in our services is a significant validation of Zix Corporation.”

Zix Corporation is one of several sponsors of Mid-Atlantic Corporate’s IT and Security Conference to be held August 16-17, 2011 in Harrisburg, Pa.

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Mid-Atlantic Corporate Federal Credit Union and its members have been well-served by a conservative financial management approach. It is a federally chartered corporate credit union that provides quality investment, lending and payment services to a national field of membership.  Mid-Atlantic Corporate serves more than 800 credit unions, CUSOs, leagues and chapters in 44 states. Services include ALM, ACH, share draft processing, electronic bill payment, remote image capture and more.  For more information, visit

About Zix Corporation

Zix Corporation (ZixCorp), (NASDAQ: ZIXI), provides the only email encryption services designed with your most important relationships in mind. The most influential companies and government organizations use the proven ZixCorp® Email Encryption Services, including WellPoint, Humana, the SEC and more than 1,200 hospitals and 1,500 financial institutions. ZixCorp Email Encryption Services are powered by ZixDirectory®, the largest email encryption community in the world. The tens of millions of ZixDirectory members can feel secure knowing their most important relationships are protected. For more information, visit

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