Millionaire’s Club teams dominate State Personal Finance Challenge

GLENELG, MD (April 13, 2017) — Student members of a SECU of Maryland-sponsored Millionaire’s Club in Ellicott City, MD, emerged triumphant at the recent Maryland Personal Finance Challenge held at M&T Stadium, Baltimore, MD on April 4, 2017.

The winning team, students at the Applications & Research Lab in Ellicott City, all participate in the Millionaire’s Club financial education experience.  A Millionaire’s Club team from Mt. Hebron High School, also in Ellicott City, placed fourth in the State competition.

This is the fourth year in a row the ARL Team has won the State competition.  The ARL team will now move on to the National Personal Finance Challenge in Missouri next month where they will defend their 2016 National title.

Thirty-nine teams representing the best and brightest personal finance students statewide participated in the annual Maryland Challenge Bowl.  Similar state competitions occur across the nation in preparation for the National Challenge.

The Millionaire’s Club is a financial education experience available to schools and sponsoring credit unions nationwide without cost.  The program was created by the Credit Union Foundation MD|DC.

Millionaire’s Clubs were created to help credit unions partner with local high schools through the complete financial education offering.  Millionaire’s Clubs have been growing at an increasing rate and are now active in thirty-eight schools.  As of this writing over 2,000 students benefit annually from their participation.

School Clubs are provided seed grants, detailed curriculum, and faculty/student materials at no charge.  Clubs are entered into local, regional, and national competitions such as The Stock Market Game™ and The Personal Finance Challenge™.  Additional support materials add a fun, competitive edge to the Club’s activities.

Millionaire’s Clubs have produced State and National personal finance champions as well as first-place Stock Market Game™ competitors.

For more information on bringing the Millionaire’s Club financial independence experience to your community, register at MillionairesClub.Org.

The ARL Millionaire’s Club is sponsored by SECU of Maryland.




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