Montgomery County Employees Federal Credit Union Introduces Its Member Value Program (MVP)

John Pierson, Chief Development Officer
(301) 407-6080

June 5, 2012 – Germantown, Md. – Montgomery County Employees Federal Credit Union (MC EFCU) of Germantown, MD announced its Member Value Program (MVP). This program is designed to provide its members a way to save and earn even more with MC EFCU, by doing more with the Credit Union. Combined household balances of deposits and loans in MC EFCU accounts determine how much more the member will get in return from the MC EFCU. All account balances are counted and the member does not have to keep track of their balances – MC EFCU does that for them. If the member, the member’s spouse and the member’s children all have separate accounts, they are all counted in the total balance. As long as they live at the same location

Depending on the total of the member’s household MC EFCU account balances at the end of the month, the member’s accounts within the household are placed in one of four tiers:

  • Basic Tier $5.00 –  $7,499.99
  • Sweet Tier $7,500 – $14.999.99
  • Sweeter Tier $15,000 – $49,999.99
  • Sweetest Tier $50,000 and up

Depending on which Tier the member’s household is in at the end of the month determines the extra services, additional earnings on selected deposit accounts, and discounts on loan rates and other Credit Union products that will apply for that month.

Unlimited free ATM’s, rebates of ATM surcharges, reduced loan rates, increased deposit rates, free travelers checks and free money orders are just a few of the benefits a member can earn by doing more with the Credit Union.

“Our new Member Value Program is our way of saying thank you for our members’ support of MC EFCU. We have some of the best members of any credit union in the country and we want to reward them for their loyalty. The more they do, the more they get from MC EFCU and we make it easy for our members. They do not have to sign up for the program, there are no fees, and we automatically put them in the Tier that they have earned.” said Jim Norris, CEO, MC EFCU. “

About Montgomery County Employees Federal Credit Union
Montgomery County Employees Federal Credit Union offers its members a comprehensive portfolio of banking products and services. MC EFCU provides all of the conventional products and services an individual expects from a financial institution, but also provides its members the latest state-of-the-art products and services. Mobile banking, text banking, on-line banking and bill pay, are just some of the cutting edge financial services MC EFCU offers its members. MC EFCU serves the employees of Montgomery County, MD, teachers and other public school employees of Montgomery County, MD and many other companies and organizations. These organizations have concluded that MC EFCU’s portfolio of financial services should be an important component of their employees’ benefits packages.  For more information, please visit:

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