NAC responds to FICO “report” on ATM fraud

JACKSONVILLE, FL (April 28, 2016) — The National ATM Council, Inc. (“NAC”), a not-for-profit trade association representing America’s Independent ATM owners, operators and suppliers, said today that it has serious concerns about the recently announced FICO “report” regarding card fraud at U.S. ATMs.

From its informal polling of retail ATM operators in its membership ranks, NAC believes the actual instance of card compromise at retail ATMs in the U.S. is very low as compared with bank owned/operated ATMs.

Retail ATMs are typically located inside store locations that are under constant surveillance by both store personnel and video cameras…making it much more difficult for fraudsters to install so-called “skimming” devices (hardware attached to/inserted inside ATMs to record magnetic stripe data and PIN card information).

By contrast, outside ATMs at bank premises or freestanding kiosks are often unattended and much higher volume machines, making them more available and attractive for deployment of skimming devices to steal card data.

“NAC staff have attempted to contact FICO to learn about the real data and findings associated with their recent ATM fraud report, but several contacts have gone unanswered,” said NAC Executive Director, Bruce Renard. “NAC believes the actual incidences of card skimming at retail ATMs is low and that the FICO report may be referring to the ‘use’ of stolen card data at retail ATMs versus the actual theft of the data at these terminals.

“NAC will continue investigating the issue to better assess the true nature and scope of any problem and ensure continued vigilance in the fight against card skimming,” Renard concluded.

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