New California Location for Balance Sheet Solutions

Jim Toliver
Balance Sheet Solutions, LLC

Warrenville, Ill (June 18, 2012) – Balance Sheet Solutions, LLC, a credit union-focused broker/dealer, investment advisory and risk management services firm, is moving their California office from the current San Dimas site to a new location in Covina, California owned by Christian Community Credit Union.

“There are a few critical points for this move. It highlights our commitment to serving credit union clients, maintaining a regional presence, and with the increase in square footage, it allows for future growth,” said Jim Toliver, President of Balance Sheet Solutions. “Finally, by conducting business in a credit union, we will have the opportunity to see and interact with credit union professionals on a daily basis – allowing our team to truly be credit union focused.”

Christian Community Credit Union’s President and Chief Executive Officer, John Walling agrees: “Christian Community Credit Union is very pleased to have Balance Sheet Solutions occupy space in our Covina, California office. CCCU has used the services of Balance Sheet Solutions for many years and highly respects the service it provides to credit unions across the country. With the importance we place on knowing our level of interest rate risk in our portfolio and how that relates to the financial health of CCCU, we would never want to be without the services provided by Balance Sheet Solutions.”

By offering credit unions a wide array of sought-after solutions, the risk management and consulting division has experienced a 30% increase in new contracts over 2011 levels (as of 5/31/12). This increase has facilitated the need for a larger location to better fulfill the services to a growing number of credit unions throughout the country. Balance Sheet Solutions’ services include risk modeling, consulting, IRR model validations, broker-dealer and investment advisory services, merger valuations, mortgage servicing rights valuations as well as education services.

“Moving to a new space allows our consulting-focused group additional flexibility while maintaining a close presence to a number of our clients,” said David Scott, Manager, Balance Sheet Solutions.

About Balance Sheet Solutions, LLC:

Balance Sheet Solutions, LLC is a member FINRA/SIPC and provides a wide range of services to credit unions. These services include interest rate risk reporting, non-maturity deposit analysis, portfolio analytics, investment advisory services and mortgage servicing valuations. Through its Financial Product Sales Group, serving over 1200 clients, credit unions can purchase marketable securities and jumbo certificates. Balance Sheet Solutions is headquartered in Warrenville, Illinois with major operations in Albany, New York and Covina, California. Learn more at

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