New credit union governance handbook announced

TUCSON, AR (November 21, 2017) — TEAM Resources is excited to announce the release of a new credit union governance handbook. A Credit Union Guide to Strategic Governance, written by Tim Harrington and Kevin Smith will help credit union board members navigate the tricky world of nonprofit governance. It is designed to be pragmatic and concise, to keep directors on track and focused on the right things in order to achieve as much as possible.

“Not so long ago, credit union board members were running their credit unions. But times have changed dramatically,” says Co-author and TEAM Resources CEO, Tim Harrington. “Directors must keep ‘out of the weeds’ and keep to the strategic. This is simple in concept, but not in practice.”

A Credit Union Guide to Strategic Governance provides practical guidance to follow to make best use of limited board member time, such as the four steps of the governance process, efficient sources of for monitoring and oversight, as well as how to create policy that stays at the governance level.

Benita Neely, Board Member at Bridge Credit Union in Newark, OH, calls A Credit Union Guide to Strategic Governance, “… a thoughtful reference for credit union boards of directors, balancing theory and practice. It is an easy read for both seasoned and new board members.”

A Credit Union Guide to Strategic Governance will be released in December of 2017. It is currently available for the pre-order price of $25 (regular price $35). 

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To promote the TEAM Resources Strategic Governance approach, TEAM Resources is offering a free webinar on Monday, December 11 (1:00 PM – 1:45 PM CST).

In this webinar Kevin Smith will provide an overview of the TEAM Resources Strategic Governance approach as developed by Tim Harrington, CPA and Kevin Smith. He will review the evolution of governance issues for credit unions, describe the basic steps of Strategic Governance (i.e. what to do, and what to stop doing), provide tactics for how to maintain proper oversight and develop an approach to maintaining a strategic approach via policy.

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