New data & functionality from Callahan’s BranchAnalyzer aids credit union branch intelligence

WASHINGTON, DC (August 25, 2015) — Callahan & Associates’ new BranchAnalyzer provides credit unions with unprecedented access to data sources and analysis that help them better understand and grow branch market share. The enhanced online data analysis tool combines branch and market-level deposit data with US census data to supply new insights into credit unions’ competitive landscape.

BranchAnalyzer makes it easier for credit unions to analyze their branch operations, providing insight into deposit market share at the institution- and branch-level. Credit unions are better able to understand local market competition and trends, identify potential markets for expansion, locate vacated branches for quick occupancy, and determine whether a market is compatible with their strategic goals and fields of membership.

The new BranchAnalyzer is organized into three different silos, for easy and complete analysis:

  • Analyze a Branch – analyze the performance of a single credit union or bank branch relative to a defined market radius, county, or city.
  • Analyze an Institution –quickly map all branches for any credit union or bank selected, get a list, and view all competitors per branch.
  • Analyze a Market – build a market comprised of cities, counties, or zip codes and see which institutions operate in that market. Plus, analyze market trends, demographic data, and more!

The tool pulls and presents data in charts, graphs, and maps displaying branch, institution, and market-level data in ready to export formats.

“While the look and feel of the credit union branch is changing, the role that brick and mortar branches play in credit unions’ success remains consistent. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the total number of branch locations continues to grow,” said Alix Patterson, chief operating officer at Callahan & Associates. “It is important for credit unions to fully understand their market and the branching operations of other financial intuitions, so they can make smart, strategic decisions when it comes to explained their branch footprint.”

BranchAnalyzer analyzes deposit data released annually by the FDIC, NCUA 5300 deposit data, and demographic data from the U.S. Census Bureau and

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