Numerica’s Video Contest Supports Crosswalk

CONTACT: Kelli Hawkins
Direct: (509) 462-6176

Numerica Credit Union introduces NumNum, a web site for young adults that features an ongoing video contest, a financial Blog, and special events.

Video submissions about the topic of money are the prime focus of the site. Each month, the creator of the best “money” video will receive a $50 cash prize. Also, for each video submitted, Numerica will donate $10 to Spokane’s Crosswalk Teen Shelter.

“Today’s generation of young adults are familiar and comfortable with video, so we chose it as the main medium of communication,” said Numerica’s vice president of marketing Jane Ronnfeldt. “We’re asking our young members to think about their money and finances, submit a video about it, and hopefully learn something in the process.”

Ronnfeldt further explained that although creating videos and winning cash prizes is entertaining and fun, the reality of finances and our economy is a serious issue.

“What better way to emphasize money’s impact on our community than to donate to a worthwhile organization such as Crosswalk where a small contribution can make a huge difference in the lives of these teens,” Ronnfeldt said.

 Numerica’s marketing team worked with Boom Creative in creating the design and concept of NumNum. The design firm kicked off the site with a NumNum Improv Nite event where young adults were asked to talk about “money.” Videos from the event are posted at

“We were surprised by the amount of material that this group of young adults had, all on the topic of money,” Daniel Thorpe, president of Boom, said. “They talked about everything from working at McDonalds and searching the couch for change to the impact money has on society and its effect on family relations. I was impressed by their intuitive grasp of how money affects the world.”

NumNum also features a “personality” named Maddie, a young girl in her early college years. She gives the website a conversational, casual voice that talks with users rather than at users. She owns a pet turtle, aptly named NumNum, who gives random financial tips throughout the site.

In Maddie’s bio, the character explains, “I’m not edgy. I’m just drawn that way.” Created by Boom cartoonist Chris Dreyer, all of the artwork on the NumNum site is hand drawn and unique enough to distinguish it from Numerica and to appeal to the wide range of ages in the Gen-Y audience.

NumNum is currently live at, where video submissions on money are being accepted.  For more information on NumNum and Numerica’s other youth programs, contact Kelli Hawkins, public relations coordinator, at (509) 536-6176.

Numerica Credit Union currently has over 85,000 members throughout Central and Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho and over $1 billion in assets. It offers a full line of financial products and services, including mortgages and business products. Membership is open to anyone who lives or works in the State of Washington or the Idaho Panhandle.

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