NuSource Financial launches security solutions package that beats fraud at the ATM

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN (December 23, 2015) — NuSource Financial, a leading ATM and Security Solutions company, has launched a Best-in-Class Security Package to prevent fraud at the ATM. Their Security Solutions include a Remote ATM Management Tool (NuView), Patch Management for PCI Compliance, Anti-Skimming Protection, and an Award Winning Anti-Malware Solution (AppGuard).

NuView is a Remote ATM Management Tool that provides a faster and more economical approach to ATM service, greater ATM availability, tighter control over software patches for PCI compliance, improved Electronic Journal retrieval and archiving, and the ability to better align branding and marketing messages within the self-service channel. ATMs continue to be the number one delivery channel, offering real-time convenience to customers 24/7. NuView allows Financial Institutions (FIs) to gain better control of their ATM channels, at a much lower operating cost.

It is recommended that ATMs undergo regular operating system updates in order to remain PCI compliant. When security updates are released to manufacturers and software houses, the relevance and severity of the updates are evaluated. If necessary, a software patch is created to ensure compliance. NuSource takes care of monitoring and installing these patches for their Patch Management Services customers.

NuSource has partnered with TMD Security, the global leader in anti-skimming for ATMs and self-service terminals. Their patented solutions secure over 300,000 ATMs globally. Whether FIs are looking to apply digital, analogue, or stereo anti-skimming systems to their ATMs, TMD offers the complete anti-skimming package.

AppGuard is the most comprehensive and advanced anti-malware defense available to the ATM industry. Using patented isolation and containment technologies, the award-winning solution prevents exploits from known and unknown threats. AppGuard delivers its protection without requiring burdensome scanning or frequent updates, which dramatically reduces system overhead.

“With ATM fraud in the U.S. costing an estimated $1 billion, we have made it a priority to protect our customers from harmful exploits,” said Jon Erpelding, President of NuSource Financial. “Our Best-in-Class Security Package covers all areas of fraud at the ATM, provides unmatched protection, and allows our customers to put their focus back on banking.”

About NuSource Financial

NuSource Financial is one of the fastest growing Transaction Solutions companies in the U.S., supplying ATM Products, Branch Transformation Solutions, and Security & Alarm Systems. Impactful strategies that enhance the customer experience, while lowering costs, has fueled their growth into 19 states with over 600 financial institutions.


Michelle Jerome, Marketing Manager

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