NYMBUS announces strategic partnership with digital payments platform provider, Payveris

Partnership allows for enhanced usability, seamless experience for both financial institutions and their customers

ROCKY HILL, CT (December 1, 2015)NYMBUS, the world’s first complete, full-stack core banking system, today announces its partnership with Payveris, a proven next-generation provider of digital payment and money movement solutions. The partnership further rounds out NYMBUS’ product line, allowing for a seamless online banking experience for consumers and streamlined processes for financial institutions, removing the burden from bankers.

Poised to revolutionize the banking industry by equipping smaller banks and credit unions with the modern systems they so desperately need in order to keep up with their increasingly tech-savvy customers, NYMBUS is the only SaaS core designed by world-class UX experts with the end-user in mind. The platform fuses core banking functionality, an impressive suite of applications and a cloud-based infrastructure into a singular, modern solution that will increase efficiency and the ability for these smaller institutions to survive and thrive.

“Rather than starting from scratch with our own digital payments platform, we were looking to partner with a reputable company that had not only an impressive product, but also shared our philosophy of continuous innovation,” said Alex Lopatine, president and co-CEO of NYMBUS. “Payveris was a natural fit given the design and intuitiveness of its platform, which paired with NYMBUS, will better position small and mid-sized banks to compete with larger institutions in the marketplace.”

Through the partnership, Payveris will provide the sole online payment platform for all financial institutions converting to the NYMBUS core platform. This cloud-based product suite offers a seamless “anytime, anywhere, any device” end-user experience and encompasses the following digital payment services:

  • Consumer bill pay
  • Business bill pay
  • Account-to-account external transfers (A2A)
  • Person-to-person payments (P2P)
  • Person-to-business payments (P2B)
  • Business-to-business payments (B2B)

The NYMBUS/Payveris digital payment partnership will significantly trim bankers’ time spent managing online transactions. For customers, the benefits include a significant upgrade to the look and feel of the overall banking experience; consistency of information across any device; faster, next-day digital transactions; 24/7 access to bill pay, money transfers and P2P payments; and an easy-to-use, intuitive design.

“The way people interact with financial institutions is continuing to change, with the bulk of transactions taking place outside the bricks and mortar,” said Jeff Weikert, president of Payveris. “Legacy technology providers have been slow to catch up, and together with NYMBUS, we’re solving the problem of old technology and providing banks and their customers exactly what they want – a way to conveniently pay bills, move money between their accounts at various institutions and pay friends or merchants. We believe that the best days for financial institutions are still ahead, and we’re eager to provide the right tools for these institutions so that they have the ability to better compete.”

About Payveris

Payveris is the creator of the MoveMoney Platform, an Open API, cloud-based platform enabling financial institutions to control, simplify, and extend engaging intelligent digital money movement capabilities to their users through any application or device while significantly reducing operating costs and future-proofing their IT investment. Visit to learn more.


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