OAS FCU’s new credit union website design wins prestigious Diamond Award

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, UT (April 9, 2019) — CUNA just awarded OAS FCU a Diamond Award in recognition of their extraordinarily well-designed website. The website was built by seasoned credit union website design agency BloomCU.

The award was presented at 26th Annual CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Conference, one of the largest credit union conferences held in the US. At this conference, credit union marketers attend workshops, make connections, and enjoy a recognition dinner where the Diamond Award winners our honored.

OAS’s website stood out for several reasons. One success is the actual aesthetics of the website, which are sleek, modern, and vibrant. Clean lines, strong branding, and natural photography give it a thoroughly-appealing look. The site is also one of the smartest credit union website designs ever implemented. It includes features like suggested search, natural language chatbots, and a world map that helps determine eligibility for select products and features.

This last item perfectly suits OAS’s goals, as they are an internationally-minded credit union, based in the US, but with members around the world. BloomCU also helped OAS implement Spanish translations throughout the site, to better serve OAS’s membership base.

“I really love that we were able to tackle that challenge and create product pages that are based on regional availability,” said Ryan Harmon, Creative Director at Bloom. “It’s one the site’s coolest features.”

About BloomCU

Nestled in the heart of Silicon Slopes, Utah-based BloomCU is a Diamond Award-winning design agency that marries stunning credit union website design with intelligent technology. With an eye for beauty and the brains to match, BloomCU generates flawless designs that incorporate cutting-edge tech, like real-time personalization and chatbots, to create crush-worthy websites for credit unions. For more information, visit


OAS Staff Federal Credit Union was first chartered in 1962 by members of the Organization of American States. They wanted to give their fellow employees access to affordable financial services. In its first year, OAS opened 286 accounts and saw around $15,000 deposits. Today, OAS has more than 6,000 members and over $210 million in assets. They continue to serve employees, families, and retirees of the Organization of American States, as well as select employees of other international groups.


Emily Bell

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