On Your Way Helps Cinfed CU Generate ‘Buzz’ Among Gen Y’ers

Mike Lawson
DML Communications

Dallas, TX – March 17, 2011 – Gen Y marketing firm, On Your Way, has helped Cinfed Credit Union ($301 million; 29,550 members; Cincinnati, OH) generate “buzz” among the Gen Y crowd to attract new members for continued growth. Cinfed, which has leveraged On Your Way’s services since 2009, meets its goal of providing financial education to the young demographic for future financial security – while enhancing the credit union’s exposure among this group.

On Your Way, created by TBA Marketing, provides credit unions, such as Cinfed, with a comprehensive package they need to administer a successful young adult marketing program. It supplies all financial education content for a new Gen Y-designed website, promotional materials to help credit unions spread the word about their On Your Way program, direct mail advertising campaigns to promote loans and services to members, big-ticket incentive prizes to encourage members to refer friends and peers to the credit union, as well as tips on how to relate better to Gen Y as both members and employees.

“We didn’t feel we had the capabilities to reach this audience by ourselves, so we turned to On Your Way a couple years ago to help us out,” explains Cinfed Credit Union’s Elizabeth Dodd. “We needed to do more – and that’s where they helped us out.”

On Your Way helped Cinfed draw people to its Gen Y-focused website, by initially creating and distributing postcards to its young target audience, as well as placing ads on the credit union’s actual website with a link to Cinfed’s new Gen Y website designed and developed by On Your Way. Once on the customized website for the younger demographic, those members could read up on practical and educational content that would help them financially now and well into the future. Some of the educational topics include how to buy a car, first time financing, obtaining credit and maintaining good credit, investing, getting a job, etc.

Coupled with the branding and practical information was the lure of prizes on the site, which has kept many visitors returning for more. “Everybody likes prizes – especially the Gen Y crowd,” says Dodd. “The blend of prizes and helpful financial information has created a valuable resource for this particular audience. All these efforts have resulted in an increased exposure for our credit union within the Gen Y group. And we have been quite happy with that.”

She adds that Cinfed members come back to the site every week to see what’s new and to win prizes. “Winning prizes, subsequently, causes more word of mouth to spread about our credit union with this group. It’s viral.”

According to Dodd, the aim of this program is to get these young members to use Cinfed’s online banking services – which is right up their alley with them basically living online. But the ultimate goal is to get the credit union’s name out there with this demographic and teach them about all the benefits of credit unions, so they can pass on the word to their peers.

“We want to provide them with the financial education to help them become strong viable members in the future,” she says. “Armed with this education, they can begin down the path to financial security – and, at the same time, the credit union name can become a big ‘buzzword’ with this young crowd.”

“We are very pleased to help Cinfed Credit Union with the task of reaching the Gen Y audience to educate them on finances and ultimately helping spread the credit union message to them, as well,” says Ray Beauchamp, Co-Founder of On Your Way. “ We look forward to more fantastic results from Cinfed as this campaign continues.”

About On Your Way

On Your Way, created by TBA Marketing and Visions, Inc., provides credit unions with a comprehensive package they need to administer a successful young adult marketing program. On Your Way has more than 75 combined years experience working with credit unions. Both TBA Marketing and Visions, Inc., have worked hand-in-hand with credit unions of all sizes. One of On Your Way’s partners managed two successful turnkey youth financial education programs that were utilized by hundreds of credit unions across the country. Another partner helped establish and managed a credit union for six years. For more information, visit:



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