On Your Way Partners with MoneyU; Provides Financial Skills to Young Adult Credit Union Members

DALLAS, TX . . . ROCKVILLE, MD (Jan. 12, 2012 – On Your Way of Dallas, a reward-based, web program to attract and educate Generation Y (ages 18-32), and MoneyU of Rockville, MD, an award-winning financial game, have partnered to help improve the financial skills and well-being of credit unions’ young adult members.

Credit unions can now cost-effectively offer the online, game-based MoneyU course to their Gen Y members and member-prospects in a variety of attractive packages available through On Your Way. The attractive pricing from MoneyU allows credit unions to generate fee income on the course. The credit unions also benefit with a strategic solution for engaging, educating and retaining Gen Y members. (

MoneyU takes content relevant to college and high school students and presents it in a dynamic medium to help young people become financially skilled. The self-paced course covers such essential financial skills as understanding a cardholder agreement, comparing car loans and creating a budget.

“With widgets and simulations, users develop skills in just six to eight hours that would take 30 hours in a traditional classroom,” said Katherine Griffin, who founded MoneyU. (  “Based on our empirical outcomes, 80% of learners flunk our pretest, but 98% pass the post-test.”

“By completing the course, young adults become more financially capable individuals and are more likely to spend prudently, to put more money in wealth-building accounts and to use credit more wisely,” Griffin explained.

“Young adults in particular can have difficulty learning how to manage their finances, because too few families and schools really teach such skills,” Griffin stated. “By offering this course, credit unions can help more of them make smarter money-handling decisions sooner.”

“Credit unions also pride themselves on building respectful relationships with their members,” said Jared Cahill, Managing Partner at On Your Way (OYW). “We want to help young adults establish relationships with credit unions that are willing to invest in their members’ long-term well-being.

“Our company motto is ‘Get there,’ said the 31-year veteran of financial services. “Many Gen Y-ers are struggling in the current economic climate, with student and car loans and other basic financial transactions. “We help credit Unions work smarter, not harder, to attract and retain the growing monetary power of this market segment.”

The OYW website provides readers with current financial information and guidance, an interactive blog and links back to the credit unions main website where they can find the tools to help them manage their income and assets and to make educated decisions.

OYW rewards visitors for coming to the site, taking action and using the CU’s products and services, as well as recommending the credit union to their friends. All the while, the process builds member loyalty and retention.

On Your Way adds in targeted direct mail campaigns and opt-in e-mail educational and lifestyle messages, including occasional entertaining videos that take only minutes to read or view. Rewards comprise gift cards, electronic gear, video game systems and other items.

“Through our joint efforts, we can turn young adults into financially literate borrowers,” Griffin emphasized. “Credit unions can make more qualified student, auto, consumer loans, etc., and lower delinquencies for this fiscally challenged demographic.”

About On Your Way:

On Your Way’s credit union co-branded websites provide attractive, straightforward, just-in-time articles and videos tailored to the needs and circumstances of young adults. The daily content is branded exclusively and individually to credit unions in 37 states and Canada with assets of $24 million to $2 billion. On Your way, founded in 2008, offers a 30-minute, one-on-one, live e-tour of its program with a key partner providing an overview of its program’s foremost features. For more info: or call 214-960-0761.

About MoneyU:

MoneyU was developed by Griffin Enterprises. The Personal Finance Course was designed for young adults 17 to 25 — when they begin to make financial decisions that too often become significant mistakes with lasting consequences. More than 12,000 learners in colleges, high schools, homes and workplaces have graduated MoneyU. Only months after its debut, MoneyU won critical acclaim from Tech&Learning as one of the “Best Education Offerings” of the year. MoneyU’s results have been independently evaluated by Assessment expert Dr. Jack Naglieri, who found the program “significantly effective.” For more info: or call 877-669-7648


Jared Cahill, Co-founder & Partner, TBA Marketing, LLC, dba On Your Way, Dallas TX, 214- 960-0761;

Katherine Griffin, Founder and CEO, MoneyU, Rockville MD, 877-669-7648,

Preston F. Kirk, APR, Kirk Public Relations, Austin, TX, 830-693-4447;

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