Ondine Irving to Host 2011 Credit Card Program Management School

Ondine Irving
Office: 847-295-2051
Cell: 847-826-0302

CHICAGO, Ill. – Card Analysis Solutions, the credit union card consultancy founded by independent card analyst Ondine Irving, will offer its Third Annual School of Credit Card Management in St. Petersburg Beach, March 7-9, 2011.

“At a time when credit unions are once again considering selling their highest yielding loan product, it is time to ramp up the education once again to show credit unions an “independent” look at their credit card portfolio”, says Irving.

Irving described the School’s approach as one that seeks to empower credit unions to become more knowledgeable about their credit card program and more active in managing to profitability and greater member satisfaction.

“My approach has always been one of teaching and educating Credit Card Program Management from a completely independent perspective- a complete 360 degree education from lending to collections and everything in between. One of my most instrumental sessions is showing credit unions where and how to reduce processing expenses. We uncover tens of thousands of dollars for many credit unions. The other popular eye-opening session is teaching the secrets of real portfolio analysis- and how not to be bluffed- so real marketing results can occur.”

Ondine has assembled a diverse team of experts from The Members Group, PSCU, VISA, Filene Research Institute, LemmonTree Marketing, Geezeo, PTP New Media, Eloquent Online, Lending Solutions and CUA of New Mexico which will educate in fraud, collections, marketing and lending.

The three day school will also feature a rare session from noted expert lending consultant Rex Johnson, specific to the challenge of unsecured lending in these economic times and the importance of the credit card product to overall credit union earnings.

Additional details and registration can be obtained at under the “Attend Credit Card School” tab.

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