OptiRate Introduces an Innovative Customer Acquisition Platform for Banks and Credit Unions

San Francisco, CA – OptiRate, Inc. has completed the development of a unique and innovative Customer Acquisition Platform designed to help Banks and Credit Unions acquire Affluent and High Net Worth Customers. OptiRate’s online solution provides Banks and Credit Unions with the first of its kind targeting and acquisition capability designed to increase marketing return on investment (ROI) and position its Financial Institution (FI) partners to achieve profitable growth through increased net interest margin and cross-sales.

Financial Institutions partnering with OptiRate are able to acquire Affluent and High Net Worth consumers locally, regionally and nationally for up to 80% less than their current customer acquisition costs. Jim Bruene, Editor & Founder, Online Banking Report said that “Although we’ve seen hundreds of banking innovations during the past 10 years, very few of them are applicable to deposit gathering for Community Banks and Credit Unions.” In addition, customers acquired through OptiRate are shown to be more profitable and more likely to desire additional banking products resulting in increased revenue and profitability for the FI.

The banking industry is extremely competitive with over 15,000 Banks and Credit Unions competing for Americans’ banking business. Community Banks, Regional Banks and Credit Unions, in particular, have been unable to rise above the “noise” of the mega-bank marketing budgets to inform the consumer of the benefits of banking with a smaller FI. As a result, virtually all of the $300 billion in deposit growth generated in 2010 was captured by the top 200 banks. In the meantime, Community Banks, Regional Banks and Credit Unions continue to be challenged in promoting their message, brand and raising public awareness.

“We are proud and excited to offer Community Banks, Regional Banks and Credit Unions the opportunity to better compete with mega-banks by leveraging OptiRate’s unique and innovate platform to build new customer relationships that benefit for the customer and improve the profitability of the FI”, stated Serge Milman, CEO of OptiRate. OptiRate is now partnering the Banks and Credit Unions of all sizes – small and mid-size Community Banks, Credit Unions and Regional Banks – to pilot its solution throughout the country.

About OptiRate
OptiRate is the first of its kind online solution that provides consumers with the ability to search and open certificate of deposit accounts (CDs) in real-time with yields that are 2x – 8x of what is available from mega-banks, like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Chase and others. Consumers are able to open accounts within 5 minutes and 5 clicks.

OptiRate enables this by partnering with Banks and Credit Unions who wish to present the best possible banking product offers to valuable consumers. By working with OptiRate, Banks and Credit Unions are able to substantially increase their Affluent and High Net Worth Customer base while significantly reducing their marketing costs.

Serge Milman, CEO
OptiRate, Inc.
(800) 319-6784 x600

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