Passing the Torch: Leadership Transition at Credit Union 24

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Credit union owned-network’s founding steward, Jim Park, to retire; Mansel Guerry, 20+ year credit union industry veteran, to succeed him as President and CEO

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – June 29, 2012
– Credit Union 24, the country’s largest credit union-owned ATM and point-of-sale (POS) network, officially announces today that Jim Park will be retiring at the end of 2012 after 30 years of service to the Credit Union 24 network and thousands of credit unions across the country.  As the network’s founding steward and a pioneer in the EFT industry, Mr. Park leaves behind him a legacy of accomplishment for the credit union-owned network, its participating credit unions and its industry partners.  Mansel Guerry, who joined the Credit Union 24 staff in January of this year as Executive Vice President of Administration, will succeed Mr. Park as the incoming President and CEO of Credit Union 24.  

“Jim Park is the reason that Credit Union 24 exists today, and our entire industry owes him a debt of gratitude for his career-long contributions to bringing the network’s unique EFT business model to fruition and helping credit unions succeed in a challenging marketplace,” said Bradley Blake, Chairman of the Credit Union 24 Board of Directors and CEO of Florida State FCU in Tallahassee, Fla.  “Our Board of Directors has always embraced Jim Park’s dedication to the spirit of cooperation and the credit union movement, and it is because of this foundation that the network has been successful.  As our network continues to grow and evolve with the industry under Mansel Guerry’s leadership, we will remain true to this foundation and overarching philosophy.”  

When a group of four credit unions from central Florida decided to create a network of ATMs—that today has grown to become the Credit Union 24 network—Mr. Park was selected to serve as steward of this endeavor when it was purchased by the Florida Credit Union League (now the League of Southeastern Credit Unions).  Mr. Park took the rudimentary beginnings of the Credit Union 24 network and began to build upon it, ultimately creating not only the nation’s largest credit union-owned ATM and point-of-sale network, but a lifelong passion.  In order to compete with the more than 100 networks in existence at the time, Mr. Park spearheaded the concept of a network of networks, thus allowing the Credit Union 24 network to continue to grow beyond the state of Florida and become the national ATM and point-of-sale network it is today.  It is because of Mr. Park’s vision, passion and hard work that the Credit Union 24 network exists today to provide credit unions with competitive EFT products and services.    

“I am humbled by the credit unions that offered me the opportunity to pursue my dream 30 years ago, and I am proud of the journey that our network has taken,” said Park.  “I am also very fulfilled by the fact that I chose serving credit unions and credit union members to be my career—looking back, I see that leading the Credit Union 24 network was what I was fated to do.  Similarly, Mansel Guerry’s dedication to the credit union movement and cooperative philosophy will ensure that the Board’s vision remains as the network’s foundation.  I believe the Board made the best decision in securing Mr. Guerry as our network’s future leader.”  

As a former member of Credit Union 24’s Board of Directors and former credit union CEO, Mansel Guerry brings years of well-rounded credit union and EFT industry experience to the leadership position at Credit Union 24.  As President and CEO of Brightview Credit Union in Ridgeland, Miss., a position he held for nearly a decade, Mr. Guerry transformed the limited-service, limited-scope credit union into a full-service, multi-employee and multi-branch institution.  Mr. Guerry first became involved with Credit Union 24 in 1995 as one of the company’s first marketing representatives, successfully helping expand the network’s footprint throughout the southeast.  He was also one of the founding board members when the network became a cooperative in 1998, and went on to serve as Credit Union 24’s Board Treasurer between 2000-2003, as Vice Chairman between 2003-2005, and as Chairman from 2008-2011.

“Mr. Guerry brings a unique variety of experience to the Credit Union 24 leadership team, and it was this experience combined with his collaborative philosophy and engaging leadership style that set him apart,” said Blake.  “We are confident that Mansel will build upon Credit Union 24’s current foundation and structure and take our network, our participants and our industry partners to new levels of success.”  

Just as Credit Union 24 was on the forefront of deposit-taking ATMs and point-of-sale, the network will continue to identify and bring the latest payments technologies—which are rapidly evolving and taking root in the financial services industry—to credit unions to help them better serve their members and remain competitive.  Furthermore, Mr. Guerry sees tremendous opportunity for expansion and growth for the Credit Union 24 network into areas of the country that are underserved in the EFT arena.  

“I am both honored and humbled to have been selected by the Board to serve as Credit Union 24’s next President and CEO,” said Mr. Guerry.  “The philosophy of the credit union movement is synonymous with my personal philosophy, and the Board’s vision for the network compliments both.  I see a tremendous opportunity in Credit Union 24’s future to play a key role in serving credit unions in the ever-transforming world of EFT.  The Board’s experience and vision combined with the talent and resources available to Credit Union 24 give me much hope and optimism for a bright and successful future for the network.”  

About Credit Union 24, Inc.
Credit Union 24 is a credit union-owned, EFT network that brings nationwide ATM and point-of-sale (POS) access to credit unions.  Founded as a credit union alternative, Credit Union 24 offers a flexible, cooperative EFT environment designed to empower credit unions to attract and retain members.  Credit Union 24 is the largest national credit union-owned POS network.  Credit Union 24 also counts more than 300,000 ATM locations nationally and internationally, many of them deposit-taking, and offers the nation’s largest surcharge-free ATM access with nearly 70,000 locations.  For more information about Credit Union 24, please visit

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