Pennsylvania Credit Union Association introduces new logo, brand promise

HARRISBURG, PA (October 19, 2017) — The Pennsylvania Credit Union Association (PCUA) is pleased to announce the implementation of its new logo and brand promise, “Moving your credit union forward.” PCUA has been working with Pittsburgh-based design company, Wall-to-Wall Studios for the past year to create a new logo that builds on the 83-year legacy of the Association, while also demonstrating innovation, progressiveness, confidence, the future, strength, and trust.

“We made the decision to rebrand as a way to reinforce our leadership role in the credit union movement. Changing the look and feel of our logo and creating a brand promise were clear first steps for us,” President & CEO Patrick Conway said. “This process would not have been possible without the support of our members, the Pennsylvania credit unions who allow us to be their advocate.”

The rebranding process began with in-depth interviews and surveys to identify what Pennsylvania credit unions needed and wanted from their Association.

Using the data collected from the surveys and interviews, Wall-to-Wall worked with PCUA to create five personas to represent the diversity of the Association’s membership. In addition, we worked through a SWOT analysis to ensure we are positioning ourselves for the future, which is one of our goals with the new logo and brand promise.

The new PCUA logo uses two primary colors – blue and green – to delineate the different aspects of the mark. The most notable piece is the “CU” with an arrow between them, showing the forward motion of the Association and the movement as a whole. Overall, the mark represents who PCUA is as an organization and where it will go over time. The fresh and clean look evokes thoughts such as innovative and progressive, youthful and forward thinking.

“Creating the new logo is something that we have been working on for nearly a year and we are excited to finally introduce it to our members and show them that their Association is working for them,” Conway said.

With the introduction of the new brand mark, PCUA continues to build on its strong legacy as a leader in the credit union movement, while also positioning itself as an organization that is staking a claim in the future of the industry.

To view a promotional video of the new brand click here.

Patrick Conway

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